CSC also administers post-sentence supervision of offenders with Long Term Supervision Orders for up to 10 years. Contribution of Priorities to Strategic Outcome CSC has one strategic outcome – its contribution to public safety. Roadmap to Strengthening Public Safety and ongoing commitments to effective correctional practice. CSC will not be able to provide its workforce with the training and development essential for the future. CSC will endeavour to provide human resource employees with more exposure to CSC operational sites.
Develop a better communications strategy and review current tools, including InfoNet, through client consultation. Partnerships will also assist recruitment and correctional training of health professionals.
Policies and practices that reflect the needs of employment equity groups and a diverse workforce.
Forge partnerships with colleges and universities for learning, development and recruitment.
The development of improved learning or training opportunities to more effectively address employee and operational needs.
Partnerships in place with colleges and universities to provide learning, development and recruitment services.
The Panel recommends that CSC have the appropriate level of funding to ensure its human resource function can provide timely and effective services to the organization, particularly at the penitentiary levels.
The Panel supports the collaborative approach and the requirement for adequate resources to support initiatives that are being taken by CSC management and the unions to resolve frontline issues, consistent with the Public Service Modernization Act and the Public Service Labour Relations Act.

The ability of the human resource management function to ensure that resources are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible and that appropriate funding can be requested and allocated based on sound principles.
Leveraging Technology: Planning, Common HR Processes and Data QualityThe human resource function must adopt a cohesive approach. Through common data definition, people management information and performance measures will be consistent. The overall GC effort to change process, technology, training, etc., will be reduced (build once, deploy many times). The use of technology will be maximized, while reducing application customization based on GC-wide requirements (for example: EpayCard, PeopleSoft GC HRMS v. The Panel recommends that particular emphasis be placed on horizontal career development by allowing, through flexible classification and staffing processes (in accordance with the Public Service Modernization Act), the deployment of professional staff between and among penitentiaries, the community and regional and national offices. The Panel recommends that CSC consider a governance structure that ‘flattens' the management structure in order to create more integrated functional support structures, nationally, strengthen decision-making at the frontline, and respond to the full set of recommendations proposed by the Panel. The National Classification Action Plan will be updated quarterly as the CSC -wide approach is standardized. Pelanggan adalah raja, kalimat ini pasti akan selalu terucap ketika kita bicara tentang Pelanggan. Regional support for the Plan will be assumed primarily by the Assistant Deputy Commissioners of Corporate Services. Vision Statement: The Human Resource Management function in CSC will move to a partnering model with a strong emphasis on providing responsive, consultative and client-focused service while positioning CSC strategically to attract and retain a competent, representative workforce who values a positive healthy workplace.
4 CSC provides services across the country—from large urban centres with their increasingly diverse populations, to remote Inuit communities across the North.
Developing Relationships with and Engaging Bargaining AgentsThe nature of CSC business activities translates into a challenging work environment.

The goal should be to provide strong, effective and consistent leadership that focuses on resolving issues at the lowest level of management.
Semua bidang usaha tentunya memiliki pelanggan dan selalu mencoba untuk memberikan yang terbaik untuk para pelanggannya.
Namun demikian tidak sedikit kita jumpai dilapangan kalimat pelanggan adalah raja hanya sebatas pemanis untuk menarik dan mengambil hati calon-calon pelanggan baru untuk keuntungan sesaat tanpa memikirkan jangka panjang dampak yang bisa ditimbulkan.
Di tengah – tengah persaingan yang ketat seperti sekarang banyak perusahaan yang sadar akan arti pentingnya pelanggan sehingga mendorong banyak perusahaan membuat sebuah sistem yang fokus menangani soal pelanggan bahkan mereka tidak segan melakukan investasi yang cukup mahal dengan menyediakan teknologi canggih yang mampu memberikan layanan yang maksimal bagi pelanggan guna mempererat hubungan baik dan kuat dengan para pelanggan-pelanggannya , salahsatunya dengan membuat CRM (Customer Relationship Management ). Istilah CRM ( Customer Relationship Management  ) beberapa tahun terahir menjadi populer dan menjadi pilihan  berbagai perusahaan yang memiliki banyak pelanggan seperti perusahaan telekomunikasi, retail, asuransi, perbankan, lembaga pembiayaan, dll. Customer Relationship Management  ( CRM ) merupakan sarana bagi perusahaan untuk menjalin hubungan baik yang berkelanjutan dengan para pelanggan dan juga  dengan stakeholder. Customer Relationship Management ( CRM )  adalah sistem strategi pemasaran yang berfokus terhadap tatakelola pemeliharaan hubungan dengan pelanggan yang mencakup semua aspek yang berhubungan dengan pelanggan maupun calon pelanggan. CRM merupakan sebuah sistem informasi  terintregasi yang didalamnya mencakup kebijakan dan proses melalui customer service, pelatihan pegawai, pemasaran, manajemen sistem dan informasi. Dengan sistem CRM akan lebih memudahkan perusahaan dalam merencanakan ,menjadwalkan , dan mengendalikan aktivitas-aktivitas penjualan.

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