Softskills is a California based training company that specializes in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and soft skills training to corporations, colleges and nonprofit organizations.
Softskills is led by Meena Datta, the President of the Company with over 20 years experience in the call center and customer service industry. Meena has traveled extensively in Asia, Europe and the Caribbean and has lived and worked in different cultures where she has helped her clients improve communication skills and performance goals.
Here are two communication exercises that can significantly improve the quality of your relationships. What You Need to Know: Structured dialog is something you can do with a co-worker, friend, spouse, family member or someone new you meet. Get in a habit of communicating your trust distinctions all the time but be very careful not to over promise and under deliver. The great thing about DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) skills is that they are not only useful in times of crisis, but they can also become a helpful every day part of your life. While I still get triggered or set off, I have learned, for the most part, to put space (time) between the incident that triggers me and any action I may feel compelled to take.
Just these two things alone have significantly improved my quality of life, as you might imagine. I delved into the skills and began deliberately applying them - especially to avoid making situations worse when I was already emotionally distress. Realized it was okay for me to ask for my sandwich to be made the way I want it since I'm paying for it. Turns out my favorite ingredient at that shop (I'm vegetarian but eat tuna) - the tuna - was not yet prepared. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Emotional Mastery: The Secret to Incredible RelatingThis audio file explains how to become the master of your emotions and how emotional mastery enhances relationships.
She has taught training courses in customer service departments and helped them achieve their goals.

Observe the difference between conversations where you are practicing structured dialog alone and where you have shared the exercise with the person you are talking to so they can practice too. Invite people to tell their story and once they do, accept the story with removal of judgment and thank them for it. Some require discipline like being a good listener, eating healthy all the time or being someone's mentor. There is a young woman at the sub shop that I visit once a week to pick up some sandwiches on my way to work.
She has catered to the needs of the hospitality, healthcare, newspaper, and software industries. She has her Masters Degree in Administrative Science from the University of Alabama and an undergraduate degree in English (Honors) from the University of Delhi, India.
Examples: Most meaningful childhood moments -- or -- What do you like to do and how did you discover this passion? You can trust someone is going to be on time after they have showed up more than three times in a row on time.
Do Exactly What You Say Doing exactly what you say is the very first step to make others trust you because actions always speak louder than words.
Based on her diversified experience, she has devised a path-breaking curriculum and training methodology that serves the needs of clients who want to retain and expand their customer pool. She also has an Advance Professional Certification in Instructional Design from California State University in Northridge. You can trust that someone is an expert in their field after they have giving you useful information several times. If you are not prepared to follow up with action then don't communicate your trust distinctions until you are sure.
How are you?"  I also asked her what time she had to get in each morning to be there and ready so early and that I hoped she got off early so she could enjoy the sun today. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Optimum Performance Institute with appropriate and specific link direction to the original content.

It’s how those disagreements are handled that is the key to the health of the relationship.Getting Closure After a BreakupThe end of a relationship can leave nagging, unanswered questions. Meena's corporate experience blended with her expertise in understanding international cultures gives her a unique edge over others in meeting the challenges of the training industry. You can trust a friend to be a good listener after they have made time for you over and over again when reached out to them to talk. For example, if you already said that you could complete 90 percent of work, you should try to fulfill more rather than less of it. 2.
It will most likely to be an awkward conversation if you try to ask someone, "How can I trust you?" before there has been time for any behavior patterns to be observed.
Honor Your Promises If you want to be trusted by others, you should be a dependable person. However communicating your distinctions of trust and then following up with action to support the distinction is the most effective way to establish yourself as trustworthy. Building trust after trust has been broken takes more time and effort and in many cases ends the relationship for many people because the challenge may seem too overwhelming. But forgiveness is also a gift we give ourselves—a gift that provides considerable physical and psychological benefits to the giver.Your Relationship: Healthy or Unhealthy?When you think about your current relationship, how do you feel? Ed Gray discusses the benefits of having a mentor couple to help you in your relationship.How can I tell if my partner is really committed to me?In this video, Dr. Scott Stanley talks about how you can tell if your partner is really committed to you.How can I tell if my relationship will last?Dr. Sue Johnson talks about how you can tell if your relationship will stand the test of time.How can we avoid infidelity in our relationship?In this video, Dr.
Other ResourcesCould You Be Sabotaging Your Own Relationship?When times get rough, it is easier to focus on what your partner is doing that is creating difficulty for both of you.

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