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Julia Roberts, left, Nicole Kidman and Chiwetel Ejiofor in “Secret in Their Eyes,” opening Friday. If you’ve never seen the 2009 original from Argentina, which won the Oscar for best foreign-language picture, do.
The role of the grieving parent has been gender-switched from the original, effectively, and a fully deglamorized Roberts works up all the right, stricken character details and physical touches: the hollowed-out eyes, the drained-away pallor, the bone-deep spiritual exhaustion. Throughout the 1980's, in an era where even Disney films skewed a little bit darker, Don Bluth was the king of animated epics that gave his former employer a run for their money. Deadline broke the scoop that MGM had recently re-acquired the rights to the hit, as it was previously set up to be developed at Paramount.
It's been a good long while since any film has remotely touched the special blend of dark whimsy and thrills that Don Bluth used to bring on a regular basis, especially since Bluth's last film to date was the underrated 2000 sci-fi animated adventure, Titan A.E. Ci sono 12 aggiornamenti su malattie, cure, farmaci, vaccini, sessualita e omeopatia per te! Il 25 dicembre prossimo, giorno di Natale, negli Stati Uniti uscira “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, diretto ed interpretato da Ben Stiller, da noi bisognera aspettare il 16 gennaio 2014 e la pellicola riprende il racconto omonimo di James Thurber del 1939.
Il soggetto e gia stato portato sul grande schermo, nel 1947, con il medesimo titolo ed era interpretato da Danny Kaye e da Virginia Mayo. La passionalita profusa di Stiller, che in questo film veste i panni di attore, produttore e regista, si percepisce gia dalla visione del primo trailer.
In the screenplay’s 2002 sequences, FBI agent Ray Kasten, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, and district attorney investigator Jess Cobb, portrayed by Julia Roberts, work on a joint counterterrorism task force with the deputy DA, Claire Sloan (Nicole Kidman). The Argentine film co-written and directed by Juan Jose Campanella featured some bravura flourishes, notably a fantastic chasearound a packed Buenos Aires soccer stadium.

The film that started it all, and arguably one of his most successful films period, was the 1982 classic The Secret of NIMH. This would make the second franchise that MGM has scored away from the studio, the first being the brand new reboot of the Tomb Raider saga.
Frisby And The Rats Of NIMH could turn out to be the start of a Don Bluth-fueled renaissance that somehow recaptures the dark beauty that his films uniquely captured back in the day.
Per favore aggiorna il tuo browser o attiva Google Chrome Frame per far diventare più potente il tuo browser. Allora Kaye impersonava il protagonista del film Walter Mitty , che per fuggire a una vita di angherie, prepotenze e subordinazioni, familiari, relazionali e professionali, si rifugiava in un mondo di fantasia animato dalla letteratura popolare del tempo e dal continuo e breve susseguirsi di vite parallele vissute: trasformandosi di volta in volta in diverse e piu disparate professioni. Il suo sguardo interrogativo da ragazzino curioso, la sua mimica brillante e la sua elasticita e duttilita incuriosiscono lo spettatore con l’implicita promessa di un film che non si dimentichera.
Next door to an LA mosque suspected of harboring a terrorist sleeper cell, the body of a young woman turns up in a dumpster. And now, in line with MGM's recent business strategy of rebooting their most classic franchises, the mouse-driven fantasy epic is about to get an overhaul. In case you need a little bit of a refresher, you can start with the original 1982 trailer for The Secret Of NIMH, included below. Frisby ? a mouse engaged on an epic quest to save her ill son, while at the same time aiding superintellegent laboratory mice in a gigantic escape attempt. Frisby And The Rats Of NIMH is a story that could definitely use the attention and approach of a more modern sensibility. Or it could turn out to be another case of the modern studio mentality corrupting a film that has a strong, nostalgic foundation.
Una storia di riscatto ed autonomia personale che inizia dal cenno lanciato da Sean Penn e che sembra assicurare la realizzazione de “the making of a brave man” come recita la finta copertina della rivista Life che si intravede nel trailer.

She is Jess’ daughter, and for 13 years Ray, who eventually leaves the FBI for a private-sector job with the Mets, devotes his spare time to solving this murder. Ray has a thing for Claire, and holds the torch for years, walking her to her car each night in the parking garage and generally making Those Eyes at her. But the movie is a karaoke routine, not its own convincing song of love and death and the aftermath. The series ran for three books, and basically followed the same family throughout, with Timothy being the focus for the second book. Only time will tell which side has won the battle, but at the very least this news will get people talking about Bluth's work again. Distribuito dalla Twentieth Century Fox  oltre a Stiller ci sono il gia sopracitato Sean Penn e la mitica Shirley MacLaine. This has obviously factored into MGM's plans, as Deadline has reported that the studio is looking for another possible franchise to spawn out of the original source material. However, it's this sort of project that does yield some of the most disastrous cases of diminishing returns ? see also the 11 sequels The Land Before Time spawned after Bluth had gone on to greener pastures. Hopefully enough buzz will spur the long inactive director to work on a new project that will truly bring his storytelling skills back into theaters one more time.
But the use of the mosque (actually a corner of the downtown LA public library) and the backdrop of Muslims under suspicion feels slightly off, like so much of the project.

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