This two-year Hospitality Management - Hotel and Restaurant program focuses on the restaurant and hotel sectors and is designed to provide students with balanced training that combines theory and practical experience in the specific skills involved in people management, hands-on preparation, customer service, and financial controls needed in the hospitality industry.
The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is a needs-based program designed to help Ontario students cover the cost of post-secondary education.
Graduates find employment in various hotel and food and beverage settings - restaurants, catering companies, franchises, hotels, resorts, clubs or private establishments - as service or kitchen supervisors, general staff supervisors or manager trainees. Conestoga pathways enable students to build on their academic achievements in order to earn a degree or additional credential. Conestoga recognizes prior learning of skills, knowledge or competencies that have been acquired through employment, formal and informal education, non-formal learning or other life experiences.
Description: This course focuses on the reading, writing and critical thinking skills needed for academic and workplace success.
Description: The student will have an opportunity to become familiar with computer software applications currently used in the hospitality industry. Description: This course is designed to make students aware of preventative strategies to contribute to overall wellness, make healthy food choices and maintain a balance between eating habits and physical activity.
Description: After the completion of this course the student will have a strong understanding of the inner workings of the heart of the restaurant, the kitchen and be familiar with good food purchasing and storing habits. Description: Students will learn to prepare, plate and present foods in a professional working kitchen, serving real customers.
Description: This course examines the world of alcoholic beverages including wine, beer and spirits. Description: This practical and theoretical course provides the student with the opportunity to develop skills and techniques to provide professional, courteous food, beverage and customer service.
Description: The control of food and beverage costs will be the primary focus of this course. Description: This mandatory course prepares students for job searching for their co-op work terms and for post-graduate careers. Description: In the professional kitchen situation, students will gain practical culinary experience through individual and group instruction while preparing menus for the program's dining room. Description: This course provides the student with an overview of the hotel industry, hotel departmental management and operations, with a focus on front office operations. Description: Building on the costing principles learned in the first semester this course focuses on cost control formulas, pre-costing and pricing menus, employee scheduling and methods of controlling other variable and fixed expenses. Description: This course will equip students with the marketing tools they need to understand consumer behaviour, analyze market conditions and trends, and apply marketing strategies in the creation of a marketing plan for a business in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Description: This course will provide students with work experience in the food and beverage industry.
Description: This course will provide students with college-approved work experience in the food and beverage industry. Description: This course will provide the student with an understanding of fundamental financial terminology, recording of hospitality business transactions, and preparing financial statements. Description: Intermediate Excel a€“ Business Applications for Hospitality is designed to prepare the student for the role of hospitality manager.
Description: Expanding on previous food and beverage courses, students will examine hotel sales and catering department operations. Changing world order and new development in hospitality industry have made restaurant and catering management education in USA a coveted management education program. Broad range of restaurant and catering management courses are available in large number of universities, colleges and private as well technical institutions in USA.
For quality restaurant and catering management education in USA, students can come across large number of institutions which are admired throughout world. This institution has brilliant record of serving higher needs of the culinary arts students. Co-op terms can be completed in a restaurant, hotel, catering or other approved food and beverage facility either locally or across Canada. Funded by the federal and provincial governments, OSAP is intended to promote equality of opportunity for post-secondary studies through direct financial assistance for educational costs and living expenses. Students will analyse, summarize, and discuss a variety of readings and apply the steps of planning, writing, and revising in response to written prompts.
Practical experience using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will be emphasized and an opportunity to discover how this software can increase efficiency in business is presented. The course focuses the student to deal with the pressure involved in a high volume, contemporary kitchen environment. The necessity and importance of safe food handling practices and maintenance of all areas of a food service establishment is emphasized in this course.
The student will have an opportunity to review basic math principles while learning to calculate yields, cost percentages and recipe conversion factors. Students will reflect on their skills, attitudes, and expectations and evaluate and interpret available opportunities in the workplace. Students will acquire teambuilding skills through fulfilling the various roles required to operate a traditional dining room.

Students will review the roles performed by the sales and catering team with a focus on the activities and responsibilities of the sales director and catering manager. Institutions in USA have become hospitality hub for thousands of young aspirants who dream of making careers in restaurant and catering management.
Students can opt from bachelors or graduate degree courses, certificate and diploma courses and associate degree courses according to their needs and discretion. In addition, courses such as communication, computer skills, marketing, and nutrition ensure graduates are well rounded to meet the demands of industry.
These interest-free loans are intended to supplement your financial resources and those of your family.
View the transfer agreement opportunities for this program.Often applicants have earned credits from another college or university that may allow a student to be granted advanced standing or exemption. This course prepares students for post-secondary writing tasks, research, and documentation. Students will rotate through the various areas of the kitchen and have to perform as an effective team member in each area.
Topics will include Ontario Food Premises Regulations, cause and prevention of food-borne illness, temperature control, cleaning and sanitizing, and management responsibilities.
Self-marketing techniques using resumes, cover letters, cold-calls, and interviewing will be learned and students will learn the expectations, rules, and regulations that apply in the workplace with regards to social, organizational, ethical, and safety issues while developing an awareness of self-reflective practice.
These institutions offer students a wide range of courses which can match everyone’s requirements.
This popular catering management school offers education in four-quarter pattern for the convenience of the students. Culinary courses through which the institution is identified are: Associate of Applied Science degree in Restaurant and Catering Management and Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management.
Training offered by CCSF is supplemented by service like the Diego Rivera Mural Project and activities at Education Access Television center.
Other methods of assessment may be available depending upon the nature of the course objectives. An excellent restaurant and catering program combines study of computers and business and it is aided by internship.

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