Find restaurant management schools and colleges offering degrees in restaurant management, culinary management and hospitality management. The wine steward (or sommelier) oversees all wine served in a restaurant, including selection, storage, and wine cellar rotation. Did you know that having a culinary background could help prepare you for a career in catering?
The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation with hotels, motels, and restaurants remaining open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet the demands of our traveling society. A major in hotel and restaurant management prepares students for professional careers in hospitality management by providing theory-based instruction and practical experience. A successful manager in the hospitality industry must exhibit many skills and command much specialized knowledge. Basic business knowledge is another important element of successful hotel and restaurant operations.
One of the main courses in a hotel management program is how to manage the front office of a hospitality business. Many hotel management colleges offer the chance to work in a hotel as part of their degree program.
Graduate certifications and short courses also exist in hotel management for folks who don’t require a degree. Graduates from hotel and restaurant management programs choose career opportunities ranging from management of elegant resort hotels to specialty restaurants. Sullivan University is a private institution of higher learning dedicated to providing educational enrichment opportunities for the intellectual, social and professional development of its students. Virginia College  continues the tradition ofgiving lives new direction, fulfilling our mission statement tostudents wherever they live and offering the chance to pursue adegree while maintaining commitments to work and family. On a daily level, a restaurant manager must coordinate with staff, waiters, and cooks concerning the day's outlook. Leadership skills and an advanced education provide useful skills for any restaurant manager. It is important to make sure that the restaurant manager education program you attend is accredited.

Many graduates of culinary schools earn around $32,000 a year in their first year of managing. Maybe you've always wanted to be a chef, manage a hotel or start your own catering business. Work towards a career in the restaurant and hospitality field by earning a degree in restaurant management.
According to the National Restaurant Association the food service industry employs more than 11.3 million workers. Students need a liberal-general education, an understanding of business administration, specialized technical knowledge of hotel and foodservice management, and practical experience in the industry. The program includes professional courses in management concepts, marketing, law, business finance, accounting and labor relations.
Hotel and restaurant managers must know how to supervise and motivate personnel so that they will provide customers with desired products and services. The short courses take a few weeks to complete and normally award diplomas or certificates to attendees. The institution offers career-focused curricula with increasing rigor from the certificate through diploma, associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree levels.
We offer a small college environment, quality programs, and flexible day, evening, or Saturday classes. We offer a variety of degree and certificate programs for careers in the business, health, legal, computer, beauty, and travel industries.
For pastry chefs, this will mean making sure all items, like baking supplies, sugar, and flavors, are available in inventory.
You must have the drive to manage workers so that the restaurant can remain successful and well-managed. Courses in written and oral communication, humanities and social sciences help students develop these people skills.
Short courses offered may include Strategic Hospitality Management, Hospitality and Tourism, Hospitality and Catering Management, Food and Beverage Management, Hospitality Supervision and a wide range of other courses.
Throughout those curricula, the university seeks to promote the development of critical thinking, effective verbal and written communication, computer literacy, and teamwork as well as an appreciation for life-long learning, cultural diversity and the expression of professionalism in all activities.

A career-focused degree is the key to a new career with a potentially higher income, better benefits, and more satisfaction.
Scheduled baked goods, like cakes, must be baked on time to meet personal orders or dessert displays. Often larger restaurants have several managers taking care of several aspects of the business. Concentrating on all details of the restaurant, such as how it looks and how the servers are doing, are essential skills.
Associate degree or bachelor degree programs in restaurant management are very helpful in training and skills, but do take a few extra years. Subjects in a hotel management program include Food & Beverage Management, Guest Services, Lodging Operations, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Club and Resort Operations, and other areas critical to the success of hospitality professionals. Students develop this knowledge through courses in commercial food preparation and service, hotel operation, foodservice systems, beverage operations, nutrition and computer science. You want to provide excellent customer service as long as it does not interfere with good business practices. Setting up the best times to bake goods, especially if food products like cookies and cupcakes are running low is another daily responsibility. For example, a pastry manager can be the dessert specialist for the entire restaurant, while the general manager works with employees, customers, and suppliers.
Having a degree in restaurant management from an accredited culinary school is a definite asset. They learn aspects of guest services at the same time as learning how a hospitality business works. Other classes in a hotel management degree program include front desk operations, accounting, dealing with maintenance, handling security, event management.

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