Her singing is different due to the fact she lip syncs and she has become the female T-Pain. And you shouldn’t be judging someone like that, after all the hard work they dedicated.
The least you could do, is continue supporting her, instead of rambling how much you want more music from her. As an entertainment editor, I think part of me died this afternoon when I discovered that Rihanna now has the most No. Interestingly enough, however, up-tempo songs, like most of Rihanna’s hit records, contain vocals that are more difficult to execute than in ballads. While high production can gloss over vocals more easily in an up-tempo song, it can only go so far when it comes to a ballad.
This is why watching Rihanna live is a more painful experience than listening to her studio-recorded songs.

So yall need to get your fucking facts straight and stop letting your emotions cloud what diminutive judgement u have u shitholes. Have you read Joseph Neese’s review of Rihanna where he describes her as the terrorist of the music world?
Admittedly not the best metaphor, but I would describe Rihanna as the terrorist of the music world. I dare you to try to watch her Live Earth set from summer 2007 … if you can make it through it.
She’s the perfect example of how profit-oriented the industry has become, choosing looks over talent in every instance.
So why not go back to how things used to be, when music was a sacred art form and the best singers got the best songs – not those who look best half-naked. Jay-Z, who is the president of Def Jam Records under which Rihanna is signed, is married to Beyonce, so he knows a thing or two about what a talented vocalist sounds like.

But most alarmingly, she has such an intense nasality that makes her tone breathy and immature for a woman of her age. But in the case of Rihanna, it’s as if he decided to sign the prettiest girl that he could find in an effort to use sex to generate as large a profit for his record label as possible. Now she’s f*cked her hair up, dresses like a leader from Las Vegas Biker Gang, and is singing songs that must be at least 1 year out-of-date. In comes Rihanna (who, while she does have a fantastic pair of legs, is not the Amazon beauty that people claim her to be), assaulting the music scene, given the best songs available.

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