Each of us must take account of the potential threats whether they be financial, legislative, personnel, health and safety, environmental, etc.
Risk takes hazards and considers (a) the likelihood that they will occur and (b) the implications from them occuring. Key to Guardian's success is our approach to working with you on the 'shop floor' to understand how you work and your organisation's ethos through investigation and audit. Risk assessment and management is the process whereby you identify - assess - evaluate - manage - measure and then assess again. Guardian adapts their risk assessment experience, bringing together processes from contaminated land (conceptual models), health and safety (5 Steps to Risk Assessment), food manufacture (HACCP), civil contingency (integrated emergency management), etc.
As you would expect, Guardian EHS gives you cost effective legal and technical advice that helps your business succeed but you get more from us because Guardian also brings a regulator's awareness. Compliance and Risk Management have always featured among top priorities of banks and financial institutions globally. Most important tools for facilitating enhanced compliance and better risk management are end-to-end process monitoring and real-time reporting.
Nevertheless, use of Information Technology can address most of the compliance and risk management needs of banks.
A Business Process Management (BPM) engine, which can define rule-based routing at each step of the KYC document verification and automate the entire process of gathering and validating information about the customer, will serve as a great tool for maximizing compliance and therefore mitigating risks associated with suspicious accounts.
An enterprise-wide content management (ECM) solution can help in creating, retrieving, modifying and archiving large volumes of data, such as data related to various compliance requirements, or data on KYC information of account holders. Newgen Software, a pioneer of the IT product industry in India, understand the compliance and risk management challenges faced by banks, and have come up with a range of innovative, scalable solutions to help banks . With these and many more innovative products such as OmniCompliance, an integrated solution specifically customized for warranting Compliance and Risk Management, Newgen Software is determined to assist banks in their effort of achieving 100% compliance and insusceptible risk management.

The risk treatment schedule documents the plan for implementing preferred strategies for dealing with identified risks.
Click on the link or picture below to download a template for the Risk Management Schedule.
From inspection, audit, analysis, training, policy development, ground floor or strategic support we can put together a support package to manage your risks and promote good corporate governance. Taking account of both factors allows us to aid our clients in deciding what level of risk they want to accept. As can be seen below, proper risk assessment should allow for an educated decisions to be taken in a range of critical areas of business and personal life. Most commonly thought of is occupational health and safety law including Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, Management of Health and Safety at Work, etc. In the light of recent happenings in India, involving heavy penalties being levied by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on several banks, compliance has assumed even more significance, and cannot be overlooked.
Banks are required to submit a number of reports to the RBI; including Cash Transaction Report (CTR) every month, Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) as and when suspicious transactions are identified, Counterfeit Currency Report (CCR) as and when counterfeit currencies are identified and Non-Profit Organization transaction report (NPOTR) every month.
With a view towards ensuring regulatory and statutory compliance, banks are procuring suitable technologies that can provide assistance in their endeavor of enhancing compliance, thereby minimizing risks. Real-time monitoring of processes will also ensure that loopholes, if any, are identified and corrected so as to achieve 100% error-free compliance.
Access rights can be defined for these records to ensure security and privacy of confidential information.
Newgen’s Business Process Management, Enterprise Content Management, and Customer Communication Management suites have helped banks in India and across the globe to address stringent compliance mandates.
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The company has a global footprint of 1300+ installations in over 61 countries with large, mission-critical solutions that have been deployed at the world's leading Banks, Insurance firms, BPO’s, Healthcare Organizations, Government, Telecom Companies & Shared Service Centers.Newgen Software Inc. As with any plan, the risk treatment schedule provides the detail of who does what, and when. If you can anticipate, asess and either reduce or remove a risk, then your business can be more secure.
Guardian's breadth of experience helps our client's decision making by combining, comparing and contrasting methodologies and using technical knowledge to expand and explain e.g. These risks emanate from the day to day operations of banks and the environment within which they operate. Besides extensive real-time monitoring for “High Risk” category accounts, banks are also required to preserve all the records pertaining to such accounts for a period of at least ten years from the date of each transaction between the bank and the “High Risk” account customer.
An efficient Records Management System will ensure that all records that a bank is required to preserve remain invulnerable to disasters and available whenever required. Banks have also leveraged Newgen’s expertise in this domain to reduce various kinds of risks, including Credit Risk, Market Risk, Systemic Risk, Legal and Reputation Risk, among others. It is therefore, incumbent upon banks to identify the risks they are exposed to, and institute a systematic approach to control them.
Banks should also ensure that risk categorization of customers is reviewed at a periodicity of not less than once in six months.

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