By attending this course, risk management professionals will benefit from a comprehensive understanding of how the ISO 31000 standard can be used to improve the risk management processes in their organisation. This ISO 3100 training course is suitable for professionals wishing to learn about the ISO 31000 standard and how they have be implemented to improve risk management in their organisation. This training course covers the principles and processes of risk management according to the ISO 31000 standard. The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) is the world's leading independent provider of enterprise-wide risk management training. Your contact information will be forwarded to the course provider who will contact you with further information.When you enter your personal information via our website we will include you in our e-newsletter.
Intelligence Transfer Centre (ITC), established in 2007, is a purely South African owned conference and training company with ETDP SETA accreditation and are a B-BBEE Level 1 company.

ITC believes in closing the knowledge gap across the Public and Private sector by creating platforms for like-minded people to gather and exchange ideas, whether in the form of conferences or in-house training. Part of ITC’s core business is to partner with industry experts, bringing them to your organisation to address and bridge specific skills requirements. To maintain our quality standards, ITC has been accredited as a training provider with ETDP SETA. Organizations of all types and sizes face internal and external factors and influences that make it uncertain whether and when they will achieve their objectives.
Please note: ISO31000 is a framework and not a management system standard a€“ the principles of ISO standards can be used to establish and maintain a Risk Management System even though no specification exist. The objectives of the program are to ensure that individuals that plays a role in the implementation or maintenance of ISO31000 have the requisite skills and to ensure that they enable the achievement or organisational goals and objective through the program.

The practitioner and manager's exams consists of two papers, a 25 question multiple choice paper and a 25 mark written exam.
We are seen as progressive industry analysts that provide conferencing and training, relying on extensive market research and host over 35 events per year. The auditor exam consists of a 25 question multiple choice exam and a 100 mark, case study based assignment that needs to be handed in for evaluation.

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