RuneScape is a massively-multiplayer online game (MMOG), set in a fantasy world of warring races, ravaged landscapes and sinister powers.
I love how the trailer depicts the update from 1994 graphics to 1997 graphics as something groundbreaking. It's worth a shot an can be fun- you can make any ammount of characters so long as you have the Email addresses for them, other then that, you have to go for a membership to enjoy more of whatthe game offers. In anycase, that's my two cents, Great game, but tedious as ever an not very friendly to Linux xomputers on the Browser side, It's also had a MASSIVE rehaul an looks NOTHING like it had been. RuneScape 3 is a free online browser based fantasy MMORPG that boasts millions of players worldwide, and offers traditional fantasy elements, open-ended gameplay and a player driven economy. Become a brave and selfless warrior, master the art of magic and wizardry, take a talent for sharp shooting or hybrid your way through the darkest of dungeons using all three combat types. There’s a whole world to explore when you play RuneScape; from cities and towns, to dungeons and general stores, as well as training grounds and many more points of interest, Gielinor has it all!
Top MMO News: April 18, 2016 brings us updates on WildStar, RuneScape NXT, Rising Force Online 2, The Division's Falcon Lost glitch and Funcom's The Park. Top MMO News: March 15, 2016 – Hearthstone Update, AMD Announces VR Headset & WildStar Still Launching on Steam.
A look at how the industry trend towards downplaying RPG features in games may not be the best fit for the MMO genre.
An analysis of the failure of MMO quests to live up to their literary predecessors, and an exploration of the way RuneScape managed to get it right. Runescape: Idle Adventures marks a change in pace for the franchise, as players will be able to enjoy a RuneScape mobile experience anywhere and anytime. This week we're counting off some suggestions for MMOs to check out if you're a fan of the browser-based Runescape!
As the MMORPG genre celebrates 20 years of life we take a look at 20 Old MMORPGs that You Can Still Play today. RuneScape is celebrating its 15 year anniversary with several long-term activities for you to enjoy! Jagex announce RuneScape 15 Year Anniversary celebrations with updated visuals, cross-platform for Chronicle, a feature-length documentary and more! On December 1, Jagex Games Studio initiated a series of RuneScape events to kick off the holiday season.

Steven is taking on the challenge of finding some MMORPGs akin to Harvest Moon, one of his favorite games of all time.
RuneScape's fan convention RuneFest will be returning to London for a fifth time October 2015.
Jagex Games will become the first merchant to partner with BitPay and Adyen to accept cryptocurrency for their games and microtransactions. Popular RuneScape streamer Joey DeGrandis raised over $1200 in tip money for a local pizza delivery driver during the course of an 18 hour live session.
Jagex, the developers of Runescape have announced a collectible card game set in the same universe. 10 Years after first learning about Prifddinas, the Lost City of the Elves Jagex has finally introduced it to Runescape! After seven years at Jagex, Gerhard is saying goodbye to both the Jagex team and the RuneScape community. Jagex has announced the launch of RuneScape's Legacy mode as well as introduced a few changes to combat. Gain better performance from your computer without spending a cent with these helpful tips & tricks. A free to play, fantasy MMORPG featuring intense action-based combat in an open-world environment. The Dutch Supreme Court today ruled that stealing a virtual item still counts as real world theft. It's only been a day since the clan support update was released and more than 250,000 of you have already pledged your allegiance to a clan. To officially register your clan or to join an existing clan, log in to RuneScape and visit the Clan Camp south of Falador. Having chosen an adventurer, players are free to find their role within it: to live by the sword and face hundreds of enemies, to further the storyline in RuneScape's quests, or to train in any of a number of skills. It is also free to play, offering everyone the chance to explore the involving story and vast game area without paying a single gold piece! But for those who've done a good bit of it, you'll find that being a F2P account, just doesn't do it, and being a member begins to Add up, compared to what it was when it first started. Gielinor boasts 26 hugely exciting skills for you to sink your teeth into; master these and you’ll advance further through the game and deeper into the adventure!

Learn more about the lore of RuneScape, gain hefty experience, meet new characters, develop your skills, earn new found treasure and much more. According to a recent job listing on their official website, the company is looking for a new lead programmer. In 2007 two teenagers held another adolescent at knifepoint, demanding he transfer some of his possessions in Runescape to them.
RuneScape now plays host to over 33,000 new clans and an astonishing 10,000 people an hour are joining a clan!
With the number of clans rising fast, we recommend that if you already had a clan prior to official clan support in RuneScape, or if you just fancy the challenge of creating your own clan, make sure you create your clan quickly before your ideal clan name gets snapped up by someone else.
I might just be a player whose harppign on this, but I;'ve found the game to be disintersting. Although it does still cost $8 per month for a membership and you HAVE to be a member to play old school, in my opinion it's totally worth your money. So your password and everything you do is visible to anybody in your network and everyone that is interested along the way. Join over 200,000,000 registered adventurers as you explore the land of Gielinor, learn new skills, complete challenging quests, slay foul beasts and more.
Meet gods, discover secrets and take on the ugliest of foe; questing keeps your heart racing and your adventure alight.
It is free to an extent but with a membership that is fairly cheat compared to other MMOs it is worth it. Create your own unique hero and embark on your greatest adventure; skilling, questing and fighting your way through hours of content.
The game gave me enough content to last 4 years and I only quit due to financial cost and lack of time.
If you want a good game, with hundreds of hours of content, and is ran by one of the largest and most trusted gaming companies in the business then this game is perfect for you.

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