This course is also suitable for people training to become the designated fire marshal or fire warden for their company. If you wish to try this course then register for a demo by clicking the 'interactive demo' button. Have a clear understanding of fire safety procedures and the steps to be taken in the event of a fire. Be able to distinguish between different types of fire extinguisher and understand their uses and constraints. This Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace course aims to help learners understand their responsibilities in regards to health and safety law so that they can efficiently identify hazards, follow appropriate control measures and keep themselves and others in the workplace safe from harm. Manual Handling Awareness gives guidance on assessing the risks of manual handling in the workplace and provides practical advice on the safe lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling of loads. AHP training for hospitals; Safeguarding, Equality, BLS (Basic Life Support), Conflict Resolution, Manual and People Handling, Infection Control, Health and Safety, Food Handling, Preventing Radicalisation and more.
AHP training for hospitals without food hygiene; Safeguarding, Equality, BLS (Basic Life Support), Conflict Resolution, Manual and People Handling, Infection Control, Health and Safety, Preventing Radicalisation and more. All workplaces contain hazards that can affect your health and safety if not carefully controlled. This Office Health and Safety course provides an introduction to the key health and safety procedures that you need to understand, explaining what the main hazards are in an office environment, highlighting how to recognise them and detailing what you can do to keep them under control. This Office Health and Safety course is suitable for anyone who works in an office workplace, including managers, supervisors, full-time and part-time employees.
Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure that their workers are trained in health and safety matters and this course will help you to comply with that responsibility. Introduction to Office Safety - why training is important, types of hazard, statistics, health and safety law, employer and employee responsibilities and staff training.

Common Hazards and Their Prevention Part 1 - slips and trips, falls from height, electrical safety and fire safety.
Common Hazards and Their Prevention Part 2 - manual handling, display screen equipment, work-related stress and the office environment. Recording and Reporting Accidents – recording accidents, near-miss incidents, reporting accidents, investigating accidents and near-misses and first aid procedures. Have an awareness of the main health and safety hazards in the office, understand how to recognise them and know how to prevent those hazards from causing harm. This Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace course aims to provide managers and supervisors with a thorough understanding of the health and safety risks and their relevant control measures in the workplace. This equality and diversity training provides employers and employees with the information they need to understand the best practices and responsibilities associated with equality and diversity in the workplace. Due to lower volume, OSCA affiliate locations will be charging higher base prices than what appears on the OSCA website. Bonding and Grounding Flammable Liquid Transfers program focuses on reducing the effects of static electricity and potential explosions when transferring flammable liquids from one container to another.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. You will be given the option to purchase and continue with your course at the end of your demo! As an employee it’s important that you have an awareness of the risks so that you can spot the dangers and take action to prevent them from causing you harm. The course is designed at an introductory level and so no pre-requisite training or knowledge is required.

This requirement applies to employees of all levels, including part-timers and work experience staff.
15-passenger vans are more susceptible to rollovers, blind spots, weight distribution issues and special handling requirements. It is critical to understand the basic technical, terminology of chemicals in order to understand the potential hazards associated with such materials. We also know each and every client is different in how they need to approach their training, whether it be online, in the classroom or if they have unique circumstances.
Take this course to learn the things you need to know about driving a 15-passenger van so you can prevent avoidable collisions and injuries. Static electricity can cause sparks, sparks that can ignite flammable liquid when the vapor of the liquid is such that it can be ignited. It is important to know the different signs and warning labels on flammable liquids and the harm they may cause. Our goal is cater our learning management system and services to meet your exact needs, exemplifying quality support and producing training to you and your employees which is custom catered.
This program addresses the terminology used with flammable liquids with an emphasis on safety.

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