If a prospective resident wants a lease with an ending date not available on the lease expiration matrix, it is smart to make an exception and allow their lease to end when they desire to secure the lease. Our leasing associates’ success is critical; after all, they really are the ones who get prospects to become customers. Think about and employ these three tactics in coaching, and I guarantee you’ll see increased success from your sales team!
Donald Davidoff is President of D2 Demand Solutions and focuses on bringing people and technology together. Subscribe To Primal LeadershipJoin our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. Sales Coaching for Managers is sales management training specifically designed for team leaders who want to take their organization’s performance to The Next Level.
The best salespeople already know all the tricks of the trade, and the best organizations are shifting their focus from the art of selling to the art of training and coaching their sales teams. However, boosting your sales by becoming better at persuasion is an art that can be taught, can be learned, and can be mastered.
This set of 20 questions is a collection to keep in your arsenal for whenever you need to get that little bit more information to understand your prospect better and help them make the right choice.

Print them out, memorise them, and when you get stuck in a sales conversation, pull one of them out.
Register for my free online webinar and learn the language of money that top business owners speak and ways to significantly improve your sales and profits. You will also receive invitations to free teleclasses as well as the latest business tips, articles and news.
But if the new behaviors are going to stick, part of the “sales ecosystem” must include coaching to reinforce the desired behaviors.
A former senior executive at Archstone and Holiday Retirement, his practice covers pricing, sales, marketing, leadership development, customer experience and BI. I offered a free shirt for stories shared with me on this site of how you witnessed people “Waking Up”??
Maybe, It is obvious to me that the shared vision of the owner is not cascading down to the associates. The Next Level’s sales management training program gives sales managers and sales leaders specific tactics, step-by-step guidance, and cutting-edge insight on leading their teams to a higher level of performance. Similar to a lot of art forms, there are those with a natural flair for it who can do it without even thinking.

I agree you should think about it.  Often when our clients say that it’s because there is a particular issue they need to address. That’s obvious and easy to say, but coaching is a skill that takes time to learn, and practice not just something all managers just automatically do well. IS your vision of how your business is to be run look like how you want your clients to be treated?
They build up to components of plays and only then put all of it together into a full scrimmage. She focuses on a single skill—the opening conversation, asking more probing questions, dealing with decision reluctance (aka “objections”), talking price, …. Our leasing associates can role play in their minds…and then practice their verbalizations and reactions with their coach.
It’s a great way for them to find their own voice and to get more comfortable with their sales model..

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