The reports listed above are generated, based on the client's responses to the 16PF® Questionnaire that they complete online. For anyone considering a career in sales, or managers wishing to invest in their talent, the fee for Marshall's services is a very small investment for the return that one could expect once a trainee begins to implement the techniques learned in this training. I had been working in sales for 11 years, 7 years as an outside sales representative in Germany selling technical components and systems to large companies. I was referred to Marshall by a business associate and have to admit being a little skeptical initially about being coached.
Within days of agreeing to coach me over the phone, I went from selling nothing to selling lots and lots of business card size ads.
This is an exciting time in my life as I attempt to walk-away from a successful 30+ year career in the field of information technology into that of a Real Estate Sales Professional. Over the years I've done dozens of sales training sessions and had become quite comfortable with the way I sell.
I played football for 13 years and coached, or was part of football, for an additional 6 seasons. One belief I have today is that practice of any skill or performance is essential to gaining a successful outcome.
As teams prepare for this upcoming Saturday's games, they will spend an extraordinary amount of time in preparation. It's easy to assume that for the 7 to 8 minutes of actual performance a college football athlete invests somewhere between 15 and 20 hours preparing for the event.
Act now to receive your copy of Tony Cole's ground-breaking new audiobook, "Qualifying Prospects with Confidence." You'll get immediate access to 14 audio tracks and a detailed worksheet. Hiring bankers who can sell requires an effective recruiting and on-boarding system that you must implement on a consistent basis.
Here is a sales script example using a structured script framework with seven different components. Right after your introduction, you will want to share some details about what you have to offer. We have a psychological tactic in this sales script example and that is to disqualify the prospect early in call by questioning if they are the right fit. One way to help you to uncover what the prospect is having challenges with is to share some common challenges that others have been experiencing. You will need to trigger interest at some point and you can have some strong points at the end of your sales script to help with this. In our sales coaching programmes at Sales Transformation Systems, we encourage the use of self-awareness. Transformational Leadership, especially, emphasises self awareness above other leadership styles and management techniques. The qualities were then matched with a wellbeing test designed to score an employee’s general happiness level.
Self awareness and other similar factors have important roles in increasing productivity, sales and profits in any sales environment so it is important, that if you are a coach, to develop these key soft skills and abilities. He has a career in business development and management spanning twenty five years during which time he has been a top performing director , established and run courses on sales and management within the many varied business sectors and trained at a number of top management colleges. He specialises in business development and Management training and coaching to a wide variety of Different Sectors.

He is a authorized sales consultant for infoteam a widely respected Business management sale process and methodology. I was impressed with his enthusiasm, wealth of knowledge and skill from the moment I met him. I am much more confident in my abilities in cold calling, handling objections, consultative selling, negotiating and closing. Our weekly sessions had a powerful influence on me and continue to impact my professional and personal life. After closely working with Marshall and being coached individually as well as spending time in the field with him, meeting clients, I understand how blind one can be without forward thinking.
Northcott came with me as an observer to evaluate my present sales skills and provide me with feedback after each visit and at the end of the trip.
Marshall was able to customize the program for my specific needs and by doing so enabled me to put his advice to work for me. Over the span of my career the learning of new tools and techniques was accomplished through either a formal classroom style or the old fashion method of taking book and pen in hand to do-it-yourself. Read Tony Colea€™s article, a€?5 Steps for Hiring Bankers Who Can Sella€? on the BAI- Banking Strategies website! Since every sales person sells different products, we will use an example or product that most people can relate to and that is a car sales person trying to schedule an appointment to sell a car.
And for telesales, you may need two introductions – one for the gatekeeper and one for the target prospect. The best way to do this is to share a value statement which is one sentence that communicates how you help. These not only help you to make sure that you are spending your valuable time with the right prospects, but they also help to get the prospect talking and involved in the conversation. In Module 1 for achieving the Certificate of the International Coaching Federation, we look at how we perceive others and how perceptions are formed.
Its effectiveness has been demonstrably shown in a study reported in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. For more information and insights into sales coaching, you can purchase the Sales Transformation System book from Amazon for just 99p. As a result, I continued on to one-on-one coaching with Marshall for 16 weeks and the take home message is this: Marshall is an invaluable resource for anyone in the Sales profession.
I have also noticed an increased self-awareness and a greater ability to understand others. Starting with the 16PF personality questionnaire which is used to create the Elite Performer Selection Report and focusing on the areas specific to my needs, we got right down to business without the need of revisiting much of the typical sales training information that I am already familiar with. His outside feedback and critic, provided solutions to help me make necessary alterations to my behaviour. It is not always a pleasant feeling to have someone "look over your shoulder", however the way he interacted with myself and my customers made me almost forget that I was being monitored.
In fact, during one of our sessions on making phone calls I was able to make a contact that led to a firm sale! I began one-on-one coaching with Marshall in June of 2007 with the expectations of learning different techniques to help me close more lucrative deals. Yes, they have to motivate and mentor, and yes, they have to guide these young people to succeed beyond the football field.

This is important because as leaders, we have to understand all perspectives to drive effective and successful change in our businesses.
The University of Cologne surveyed workers in 6 different prominent IT firms within Germany, asking general questions about manager leadership style and performance levels. His training materials are incredibly thorough, professional and cover every aspect of sales from A to Z.
Marshall’s keen insight into the behaviors of buyers and sellers is the most useful education I’ve encountered in years.
I consider myself smart in some ways but had to realize from various feedback that this is by no means a guarantee for success, especially after relocating to North America and moving up into a Sales Management position where different skills are required.
It was his guidance that showed me how I could speak with people in a way that was not imposing on them. It's quite a different experience, especially with an individual as talented as Marshall is. Over the last 4 months I not only have increased my sales funnel, it’s full of 50-70% higher margin deals and they're closing! In the end, the most important job they have managing the people they are responsible for is that of a coach.
His feedback was very valuable and precise and gave me the opportunity to put his recommendations into action right away to see immediate results.
Marshall was there every step of the way with the tools and inspiration to carve out a new reality for me. It's hard to believe that before our first session was completed, it seemed like Marshall and I had known each other for years; within a brief short 60 minutes, Marshall had already carved-out my 'path of coaching' with emphasis on my future success. Marshall was an excellent motivator for me, he came to all our coaching sessions with a high-level of energy that made me want to get out there and accomplish my goals, utilizing my new-found skills.
I was a little nervous when we first began coaching as anyone would be when you're expecting criticism.
I rarely got repeat business so my client base consisted of more than 90% brand new clients. Thanks to Marshall's unique style of coaching I feel better educated and confident to handle the various sales challenges ahead of me. I was pleasantly surprised that I could be open and honest with areas of my job I'm not comfortable with and Marshall was there not to criticize but to help overcome those challenges. He presented this feedback in a very positive way, as well pointing out what in his opinion was well or very well done. Marshall is not just a 3rd party coach, he relates to you as a personal coach, a friend and someone who is genuinely excited to watch your success. Marshall’s insight helped me to navigate the shark infested waters of the sales world and come out a winner.
If you’re looking to boost your confidence (and commissions) all I can say is, Marshall’s advice works!

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