David Forman is the leading independently-owned provider of successful sales & leadership effectiveness training for Australasia. At David Forman, we believe that training that doesn’t result in improved behaviours in the workplace is a waste of time and money! Our sales and leadership effectiveness training programmes are designed to help participants while challenging them to come to their own learnings, allowing them to take ownership of their own development. This builds competence and confidence, which is essential for transformational change to take place. We see the key to long term sustainable behaviour change as a process that is created in partnership with our clients. Modularised and often highly experiential workshops develop both the competence and confidence to apply skills consistently.
We work with you to decide the best development options for you, your team and organisation.
Our expertise is in creating the most effective programmes that achieve both individual and organisational improvement in performance and results!
In many organizations, the most leveraged of positions is that of the front line managers – that’s especially true in sales organizations. A sales manager’s to-do-list is a mile long and nothing is more important than ensuring that your sales team is hitting on all cylinders. One key decision any manager needs to make on a regular basis is where they’ll apply focus. One premium leadership approach that I learned twenty years ago is called Situational Leadership. I won’t detail the complete theory here but suffice it to say that, based on the task, an employee has certain readiness and ability levels, as well as certain willingness and commitment levels. If the associate is an ace at particular tasks, then simple, occasional delegating is all that is needed.
The beauty of this model is the guidance it provides managers that allows the manager to lead in an effective manner based on the associate’s status related to specific tasks.
One key mistake many new managers make is treating each individual employee the same or treating a specific employee the same for all tasks. As an industry leader, we guide organizations to success by inspiring, developing, and transforming their greatest investment—their people. In this webinar, we will explore 3 elements of the closing process and the mistakes salespeople make that derail the sale and their relationship with the customer. Wilson Learning recently partnered with Training Magazine to conduct a Strategic L&D Survey.
For the second consecutive year, Wilson Learning is honored to receive the Silver Award for the Sales Training Practice of the Year.
For the eighth consecutive year, Wilson Learning is honored to be named a Top 20 Sales Training Company. For the seventh consecutive year, Wilson Learning is honored to be named a Top 20 Leadership Training Company.

For the fourth consecutive year, Wilson Learning is honored to be named a Top 20 Workforce Development company. Wilson Learning Named to Selling Power Magazine’s 2015 Top 20 Sales Training Companies List! This is the third consecutive year Wilson Learning has been named to their Top 20 Sales Training Companies list.
Successful leaders realize to keep engaged customers, an organization must first have engaged employees. Wilson Learning Wins Bronze Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology for Best Advance in Unique Sales Enablement Technology!
The prestigious Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology honored Wilson Learning with Bronze award for its innovative learning transfer system and integrated approach. Research by CSO Insights and the Aberdeen Group has shown customer behaviors seem to be saying that they don't trust salespeople's intent. Motivational sales training inspires salespeople to motivate themselves a€“ at least that's what motivation sales training courses and seminars should do. For motivational sales training seminars to work effectively, the sales management team must participate in motivation sales training programs and seminars so they too can be inspired to push their team to excel. I cover this "do" based approach in my motivation sales training seminars, motivational coaching training courses, sales management programs, webcasts, and webinars.
Salespeople can develop and increase their leadership skills through motivation sales training seminars, not only to motivate prospects to buy, but also to motivate themselves to try harder in the future. For more than 40 years we have helped individuals and organisations to achieve their goals and companies to excel. We aim to offer a solution that draws heavily on our concept of 10% formal training, 20% coaching support and reinforcement, and 70% on the-job.
Sometimes the diversity of experience in a public programme can deliver exponential benefits. The sales manager has the ability to inspire and influence his or her team on a daily basis; not to mention his or her charge for directing the tasks.
If one or more of the sales representatives are struggling, the manager had better get it figured out or the manager will be the one that is under performing. This is a leadership theory developed by Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard and dates back to the 1970s. For the lower ranked tasks, the associate may need strong direction and support and may need to be told what to do regularly. Since the associate is fully capable and committed already, they may just need some help from time to time staying on track.
This in turn, frees the manager up to lend more support where needed and yields a high return on the manager’s invested time and energy. Situational Leadership, by Hersey and Blanchard, provides a model for effective management based on the situation, or task.

He’s qualified for President’s Club in three Fortune 500 companies, led teams of more than 100 associates and successfully achieved revenue objectives in excess of one billion dollars per annum. Whether the organization is facing sales, service, leadership, teamwork, or workforce readiness issues, Wilson Learning can help. Plus, gain insights on specific actions “strategic L&D organizations” are taking that separate them from other organizations. Selection is based on our breadth of service offerings, innovation in the sales training market, and industry recognition and innovation. Selection is based on our breadth of programs and audiences served, geographic reach, and our commitment to continuously provide thought leadership and innovative delivery solutions. Selection is based on capability to develop and deliver customized corporate training services, depth and breadth of subject matter expertise, industry innovation and impact, quality of work with clients, and global reach. Leaders must understand the quality of being a leader, not just the doing, and then apply both to the four levels of leadership.
In my sales motivational coaching courses, webinars, and other training programs, I teach the philosophy that the status quo is your number one competition. My "do" approach has proven itself extremely successful over the years, especially when it comes to fail-safe cold calling methods and closing sales techniques. Our client managers are actively involved in supporting skills-transfer and sustainable long-term behaviour change. Alternatively, some team training delivered in-house enables us to customise a programme to help overcome your specific challenges and objectives.
A sales manager sleeps at night to the extent his team is ready, willing and able to perform in their roles. But how many leaders are effective and efficient at guiding and inspiring their teams for peak performance on a day in, day out basis? As their status rises on the measuring stick, less telling is involved and more selling, participating or delegating may be appropriate. Salespeople are only as good as they're willing to push themselves a€“ and each other a€“ using the most effective cold calling and closing sales techniques, which they can learn through sales professional motivational training speakers like myself.
Sales motivational training courses, business and leadership coaching programs, and motivational coaching seminars, webinars and webcasts inspire people to encourage and motivate themselves as well as each other to improve their proficiency with telesales and upselling. That’s why our sales and leadership effectiveness training courses consistently result in measurable improvements in behaviour change. As the name implies, it recommends a specific leadership approach based on the situation, not the person. If you and your sales team need effective cold calling scripts and strategies, as well as foolproof sales closing techniques, I would love to help you and your team today.

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