While doing your sales training in house can help you build cohesion within your team, there are some compelling arguments to outsource much or all of your sales training. In this article, we’ll be sharing why this is and, more importantly, how you can make the best decision about who to bring on board as an outside sales training resource. An outside sales training consultant can also provide objective feedback on your sales management strengths and opportunities. The sales manager will also benefit by observing how the trained specialist interacts with your team and presents learning experiences.
In addition to being a great learning experience, sales training seminars, workshops and training sessions can also be very exciting and motivational for your sales team. A fresh face, voice and ideas are instantly motivating when compared to the one they hear most often. This is probably the most important reason to consider outsourcing some of your sales training.
If your consultant has direct industry experience this builds a faster bridge to the audience and credibility creates trust. However exploring ideas and experiences from other industries can prove even more valuable.
When comparing potential trainers, ensure you check their experience and what results their previous work generated. If the outsider is good at what they do, has a proven track record and is pleasant to engage, the decision is usually very easy. Clearly, most of the members on your sales team are not selling up to their potential and therefore not generating the revenues they could.
If all sales managers knew and did what the top 25 percent do, then all sales teams would be selling more!

Until now, most sales managers have not had access to effective, affordable sales training. Action Plan For Sales Management Success will improve your sales management skills so that you and your team can achieve your true sales potential. Properly managing your team is critical so that they produce results today and in the future.
She has written the books Action Plan For Sales Success, Action Plan For Sales Management Success and Daily Motivational Quotes, co-authored the book Quick Sales Tips, created numerous automated sales tools, and as the B2B Sales Coach, she writes and edits the company's newsletters.
For many years, Susan has volunteered on numerous executive committees of professional associations, sport leagues and clubs in which she's been a member.
For an individual or business owner to succeed in sales management, you also need to demonstrate drive and insight, excellent personal rapport, and pragmatic thinking.
You also learn best practice methods for monitoring and adjusting sales performance, how often you should go into the field with reps, how to recruit and retain top performers, and how to fine-tune sales capabilities in yourself and your team. This is because outside training provides fresh ideas for you to integrate in to your observation and feedback sessions with your team. This can be modeled and prove a valuable extension of the manager’s people development toolbox.
Many managers complain of the frustrating experience of telling their sales team something over and over and over, only to have them finally “get it” when they hear it from a well skilled outsider. They can update you and your team on industry level developments and provide informed opinions on future opportunities. Action Plan For Sales Management Success is a proven, turn key program that will become the foundation of your sales management process. Her work has been published in several locations numerous times and has sold on four separate continents.

She has volunteered on the organizing committee for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run For The Cure for several years, currently as the Volunteer Co-Run Director, herself being a breast cancer survivor after being diagnosed in 2013.
We also offer hands-on sales support if you need someone to stand in for a particularly busy period. With so much intense focus inwards you may be missing the outsider’s perspective to see all the angles.
Being in sales is also emotionally taxing and the need for consistent encouragement and motivation is almost as important as the need for consistent training. If they have worked with a competitor or trading partner this holds special value for insights alone.
She volunteered on the Leadership Executive of the Sales Professionals of Ottawa (SPO) for 5 years, and is one of the association's Past Presidents. We help you get this right so you see big increases in customer satisfaction, sales team productivity and reliable revenue growth. However if you put the two together and see what gives the best value for money and effort, you might be surprised what good value an external resource can deliver. By bringing in external trainers who aren’t immersed in the daily routine of managing tasks, teams and individuals, you’ll be able to challenge your own thinking about how to get results through your people. She has also been a guest lecturer at the School of Business at Algonquin College as well as a guest speaker for SPO.

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