Wolfire's first iPhone app, Black Shades iPhone, recently broke 1000 sales on the App Store. The chart above shows cumulative sales over time and illustrates our steady ascent into the land of quadruple digits.
Simon said that as of March, the app store was averaging 27 new games per day -- that's a lot of competition!
Given that BSI sells for 99, it's not exactly a huge success story like the iFart app and other apps highlighted by the media.
It's been an interesting experience and though we don't have any immediate plans to make more iPhone apps, we now have some insights on what we can try differently next time.
With all the different sales activities going on keeping track of my time is hard but so is staying focused. The level of detail with this technique is more than I use or need but I would advise you read through the entire book first and then decide. My summary of the theory is that you look at your work list for the day, plan how many Pomodoros (25 min sessions) you need plus breaks (as per the technique) and then away you go.

There are various other options that can be used as your timer both apps and physical timers but I just like to have the real thing and being a bit OCD I also like to know the full technique so I can deviate from the original concept. As much as I might like to think I have been Mr Productivity, Rescuetime tells me the truth.
As much as I have got my email under control, it is still a primary channel I use so being able to get a bit more analysis around how well I use it is really helpful. These are just a few of the tools and techniques I use to stay focused but are the quickest and easiest to adopt with very little effort or cost.
This is where we keep everyone up to date on our progress on Overgrowth and other new stuff. Personally, I mainly use the little tomato timer and with that ticking away for 25 minutes I can stay focused and ignore most distractions.
It helps to switch off email, social, mobile and any other potential distractions but this does of course depend on where you work and how realistic it is for you to ignore obvious distractions. It gives me time to complete at least one or two key tasks and I can enjoy my first cup of coffee in peace.

Using Gmail Meter allows me to rethink how often and how quickly I respond to my email but also how well I am using filters etc. Also, the amount of internal email is a waste in my view so I look at ways to reduce this using various collaboration tools that work for the work activity in question. It’s a great tool though and particularly helpful if you know you are easily distracted and wonder where the days disappear to. I think Gmail Meter is a great personal tool but for larger teams I think it is invaluable to identify both internal and external inefficiencies. Automation does a certain amount but there’s stuff in that hate list that needs a real person. For example, you can set an alarm when you go over a certain amount of time on Facebook or even block access at certain times in the day.

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