Download our whitepaper “How employee engagement drives profit” to better understand the "Service-Profit Chain" concept as well as the relationship between engaged employees, customer satisfaction and superior profits. Over the past few years, mobile learning has rapidly developed and revolutionised the way we learn.
To understand this better, Prosell sponsored two Aston University post graduates to conduct an independent study of mobile learning. Provide your customer services managers and supervisors with the skills to coach and develop their staff. Learn how to develop conversational selling skills and turn a conversation into a sales opportunity.
Equip your sales managers with the skills to coach and develop their frontline staff on an ongoing basis. Designed for frontline retail staff, this course will equip your teams with the skills to adopt a successful conversational selling approach. Appropriate for client facing staff, this course will equip technical experts with the required skills to cross-sell other departments and harness the potential of word-of-mouth referrals. Suitable for sales and business development teams in industries where high value, low frequency transactions are the norm. Gain the necessary skills to become an effective sales manager and develop your sales teams. This course offers a solid grounding in the basics of sales for those who are new to sales, recent graduates or people who have spent less than one year in the sales function.
Despite the recent recession and lingering questions about business stability, sales training has emerged as a consistent, growing imperative among companies seeking to beat out the competition. Table 1 (above) details an effective way to overcome obstacles and pressures within the sales industry. If you are currently a member of Demand Metric and would like to learn more about how you can read the rest of this Analyst Insight and get access to over 6500 additional reports in the Aberdeen Research Vault, click here. Climate change impacts, growing concerns about environmental degradation, shifts in consumer attitudes and consumption patterns, and growing government oversight on the management of scarce natural resources are among the many challenges facing corporations today that are redefining corporate responsibility. National and local governments in many parts of the world are demanding changes in long held relationships between resource developers and host communities. BallroomMost industry sectors would be unprofitable if they paid the full price for what they take from nature, or for the environmental damage they cause.

BallroomThe impacts of global warming and the consequences of failing to adapt to these realities are well documented. Room 2After a century extracting carbon-based assets to power our economy, we urgently need to manage carbon emissions while ensuring affordable energy. Room 2Canada has been a world leader in the ‘greening’ of the mining sector, which has become a major concern worldwide.
BallroomThe United Nations Global Compact, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, GRI and other like-minded initiatives have teamed-up to drive business engagement on sustainable development worldwide.
Room 11More and more, governments are seeing the benefits of organizations that have developed and report on their sustainable business strategies. Room 11The magnitude and frequency of extreme weather events in North America has grown steadily over the last 15 years, culminating in 2013 with a record natural disaster insurable loss of $3 billion in Canada alone, due largely to major floods in Alberta and Ontario.
However, for many organisations the key questions still remain – is mobile learning here to stay?
This intensive five day course ensures that your in-house trainers can confidently plan, develop and deliver customer service training programmes throughout your business. Appropriate for new call centre recruits and more experienced operators, wishing to fine-tune their skills. Ensure they understand how they can actively contribute to lead generation and nurturing potential customers.
A good workplace coach can lead to increased employee engagement, lower turnover and improved performance. This intensive five day course will ensure that your in-house trainers will be confident to plan, develop and deliver sales training programmes.
Whilst many frontline staff might not feel comfortable with what they regard as “selling” they are very happy to talk to customers, understand their needs and suggest solutions.
Suitable for those moving into key account management or wishing to improve their key account management skills. Ideal for those new to sales management or for a refresher course for more experienced managers. Learn from the successes and failures of companies who are dealing with the new realities of earning the social license to operate. How will a true accounting for natural resource use affect the economy and corporate sustainability in the longterm?

Can we capture carbon and turn it into something of significant societal and economic value? New technologies, mineral production and refining processes, coupled with vastly improved management practices and regulation for mine wastes and water use, have significantly reduced the environmental impacts of large scale mining and have changed how the international mining sector is responding to demands for more environmentally sensitive processes and practices. Highlighting the main building blocks central to effective corporate responsibility commitments and actions, this session will examine how these buildings blocks can be strengthened through a collective effort by business, government, investors, civil society and consumers.
As a result, governments are actively encouraging, and increasingly institutionalizing, the practice. To help better prepare for ongoing extreme weather events, this session will address two critical subjects. It is suitable for recent graduates through to those new to a frontline role, or who have spent less than one year in customer service. What tools have been developed around ecosystem services to maintain the value of the earth’s natural capital?
This session will explore the emerging technological and economic pathways – many pioneered in Canada – to turn industrial CO2 emissions into fuels, fertilizers, feeds, chemicals, plastics, building materials, and other valuable products.
How can R&D be applied in order to lower operational costs and also generate industry best practices? Learn more about this initiative from its pioneers, and see how this work could change how companies do businesses.
Some 18,000 companies in the EU may soon be required to disclose sustainability information. First, property and casualty insurers will profile the losses they are currently realizing due to extreme weather, and the actions that the sector believes must be addressed to sustain an insurable housing market.
In June 2012, Brazil, Denmark, France, and Sweden declared theircommitment to a “report or explain” approach – requiring companies to disclose sustainability information, or else explain why they don’t. Second, industry and government leaders will recount their “real world” lessons with recent catastrophic floods, and share broadly applicable lessons that others should embrace to reduce vulnerability to extreme weather. Better manage your corporate risk and get ahead of the curve by finding out in this session how to be better prepared for governments and regulators that are increasingly mandating transparency and corporate sustainability reporting.

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