I was so pleased with Dynamic Sales Innovations that I extended their contract three times during our relationship. We have tried other prospecting agencies in the past and no organization has ever produced the results we get from Dynamic Sales. Extensive research conducted by a group of psychologists spanning over 30 years and studying over 1 million salespeople in 54 different countries has concluded that Sales Call Reluctance® is the # 1 reason why sales people fail. Typically, sales Managers get frustrated with the perception that there aren’t enough cold calls being made.
Statistics show that 90% of all sales people and their managers experience Sales Call Reluctance® to some degree.
To what degree is your sales staff suffering from this problem and what is it costing your company? The Fear-Free Prospecting & Self-Promotion Workshop® is an intensive counter-offensive on the emotional barriers that keep talented, motivated professionals from earning what they're worth.
The Fear-Free Prospecting & Self-Promotion Workshop® has been fully validated and is backed by 30 years of scientific research.
If Sales Call Reluctance® has changed the way your team approaches prospecting for the worse, you can stop wasting money on new sales tracking systems, trendier brochures, and louder motivational tapes. The FranklinCovey Sales Performance Practice specializes in sales training, consulting and coaching and shows clients how to dramatically improve sales by becoming totally client-centered.

The ES Research Group is a market intelligence and business advisory firm that helps companies evaluate, select, implement and measure their sales performance improvement programs and companies that provide them.
ES Research Group’s Annual Training Vendor Guide is the only independent, objective assessment of the leading sales training providers. Quality of Instructional Design: The quality, clarity, interactivity and adaptability of design.
Range of Target Companies: The scope of applicability of the training methodology across sizes, locations and industries of companies. Post-Training Reinforcement: The programs, processes and tools that vendors provide to sustain learning past the sales training. The FranklinCovey Sales Performance Practice specializes in sales training, consulting, and coaching.
They have become an extension of our team and have filled our pipeline with qualified appointments." - Mike, Director of Sales Obrien, Inc. It's the only program of its type rated by sales professionals in many countries as among the best workshops they have ever attended. It helps clients focus on and execute effective sales planning, sales leadership, sales management and consultative selling skills. ES Research Group offers a range of analytic and assessment reports and is the trusted source by Fortune 500 companies, leading investment firms and sales and training executives at high-growth companies for independent research and advice.

Its Sales Performance Practice brings this emphasis and the FranklinCovey processes, directly to the sales arena.
The practice helps clients focus and execute around effective sales planning, sales leadership, and consultative selling skills to help their clients succeed.
This course is about changing unproductive behavior patterns to achieve measurable, bottom-line results. Its Helping Clients Succeed sales process breaks down dysfunctions in selling and buying and gives sales professionals the strategy, tools and skills to become trusted advisors in the eyes of their clients.
FranklinCovey continues to be a leader in delivering sales performance improvement value to their clients and appeals to organizations looking for sustainable organizational change, with an emphasis on reinforcement and sustainability.
Clients include 90 percent of the Fortune 100, more than 75 percent of the Fortune 500, thousands of small- and mid-sized businesses, numerous government entities and educational institutions.

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