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For a sales training program to be successful, it must go beyond learning features, benefits and product specifications while sitting around the boardroom table! Sales training must include the tools that will help your sales team sell and it must include an implementation plan so that they can start selling now! Compare your sales department to a professional sports team.A  You would not train a pro sports franchise by inviting a a€?facilitatora€? to talk to your athletes about how to play the game, and then send them into competition and expect them to be successful.A  So why do that with your sales training?
Studies show the average person forgets 90 percent of what they hear in a lecture based training program.A  If you want to improve your sales teama€™s revenue and your companya€™s profits, then you need to change the way you deliver sales training! Sales Training Materials: The materials are based on over 50 years of successful B2B sales and sales management expertise. Practical Application Exercises: We dona€™t just talk about sales theory, we actually give the participant useable sales tools that will make their lives easier and help them to sell more. Ongoing One on One Coaching: Each participant has ongoing access to our qualified trainers for support via email and Skype. Because of the successes of our trainees in the past, we are confident we can help your team achieve their sales potential. Please feel free to browse our Sales Resource Centre to access free sales resources that will show you samples of our sales training.
Sales training programs must be more than just time out of the field, they must actually produce results! B2B Sales Connections guarantees that if you or a member of your sales team completes one of our a€?Action Plana€? series sales training courses as instructed, performance will improve. After the training is completed, participants submit their Accreditation Exams to B2B Sales Connections for review and upon successful completion, will have earned the right to be designated B2B Sales Connections Accredited. For more information on how B2B Sales Connections can help you achieve greater sales success, contact us today! Management and Sales training will be explained by a number of PTP trainers and consultants at this prestigious London training event the CIPD Learning & Development Show.
All 200 + PTP Management and Sales training courses run in central London and 6 other major UK cities. Below are links for free registration to the exhibition and how to pay and book for conference tickets. PTP’s course entitled Successful Sales Presentations imitates the real two-stage process of qualification and presentation. To view more details of PTP’s sales training courses and to see when the next course is running close to you, please click here.
Personal Development Training for managers and staff in the UK has officially left the UK behind the rest of the developed world according to the Financial Times (31st March 2014). Since 1991 PTP’s personal development training has been used by over 40% of the FTSE 100 and small group training (average class-size just 6 delegates) ensures that individuals training needs are met. PTP – Practical Training for Professionals runs nearly 200 short personal development training courses. All courses come with training notes, executive folder and framed certifcate of attendance.
Each delegate receives a framed certificate of attendance which is worth 11 hours of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) and a comprehensive training folder and notes.
Excellent, trainer was extremely knowlegeable and gave real work place examples from her experience. To view more details and a full time table of this course and see forthcoming dates for this sales training in Nottingham, London, Birmingham,Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Edinburgh please click here. PTP is pleased to announce that for a trial period, we have reduced the price of our Customer Care and Sales Training courses.
Also we have managed to keep  all our Management, Finance and Personal Development courses at the same prices for 2014. In addition to these price reductions and price freezes, you can get your training budgets to go even further with some specially selected courses below. Click on the course titles below to find details about the courses including hour by hour timetables, content and training benefits of each course….

The beauty of this PTP course is that having explained the techniques, the trainer (in this case me), makes live calls on a hands-free phone using lists the delegates had generated during the course and as pre-course work. Persevering, I carried on and managed to talk to decision-makers who were in the market for vans and trucks and wanted further information and appointments.
After some role play, the sales people started making cold calls and to their surprise were very successful, in fact dare I admit it, they had a better success rate than me!
Of course, you can’t make cold calls all day everyday but even when salespeople are busy, it was agreed that a minimum of half a day week should be done hopefully generating 6 leads.
This course is designed especially for B2B and we do not deliver training designed at calling people cold in their homes. This cold calling course runs as a public course ain all major UK cities for just ?295 and is available in-house for as little as ?850. The methodology taught is simple, ethical and very logical meaning that I am now far more efficient at undertaking this task.
This telephone sales training course is guaranteed to give delegates the confidence to make calls professionally. I had a crack at putting into practice the methodology this afternoon on the rest of the local Enderby data we went into yesterday. November 20, 2013 2:18 am Leave a CommentPTP has specially selected some sales training public courses to be run at 50% off. Great course with lots of practical tips to take back to the office – stretching beyond just sales.
PTP stands for Practical Training for Professionals and our aim is to make our training as practical as possible so delegates can return to the workplace with skills they can implement immediately. You have the option of a line manager being involved in both telephone conferences, the second telephone conference which can be for feedback and action planning is generally scheduled during the on-site visit. Choose from any of the 150 plus courses that PTP provides, and choose from 1 of our 50 plus UK wide training venues.
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The Business Context of Account Management - How to understand your client’s environment. Online sales training courses call in the need for various instructional design elements, gamification and translation of the courses. For more information, check out the Infographic Articulate Storyline for Online Sales Training Courses. Studies show that 25 percent of sales representatives produce 90 to 95 percent of all sales. Ita€™s not that the job cana€™t be done because 25 percent are doing it, and doing it well. Using our unique action based sales training techniques, B2B Sales Connections has created proven, turn key programs that will improve your teama€™s skills so that they can achieve their true sales potential, guaranteed.
This ensures that the material has been understood and put into practice, thus providing the improved sales results we have guaranteed.
Through a series of scenarios, delegates will practise their qualification techniques and then through planning, construct and deliver a presentation that will address the buyer’s needs. You have a great service or product and you may not be persuading potential buyers to purchase it as effectively as you could. The report by the think-tank IPPR for JP Morgan says the decline in UK’s training began in 2007. In additionall of PTP’s training is highly practical and hands-on ensuring everyone is fully engaged and can deploy the skills learned back in the workplace immediately.
As an example on 15th and 16th April PTP is delivering its Advanced Selling Skills course in the executive training suites at Trent Bridge.
As the course started and I went through the volumes of calls I expected them to make in a day (100-200) they looked even more sceptical.
I much prefer this demonstration when things go wrong (too often on this course things go too well and participants just think the trainer is magically good at cold calling and they could not see themselves emulating this success). I was blocked by gatekeepers and told by decision-makers they had no interest quite abruptly and in some cases people were quite rude. Between us we had made just over 100 call attempts in 6 hours and spoken to the decision-maker 19 times and got 11 people interested of which 6 were deemed very hot leads (One of the hot leads was coming to view a new truck the following day – now that is a hot lead!).

This will ensure all salespeople have a continual flow of new leads to work with self-generated by their own cold calling efforts. The demonstration by the trainer was invaluable and also the trainer listening to me make the calls was extremely helpful. Once thorugh to the decision-maker, delegates are then taught the best way to qualify the prospect and establish whether their is interest in their service or product. Demonstrations of live-calls will be made by the tutor to real prospects of the companies attending, in many cases this will result in genuine leads! Delegates will also improve their listening skills to maximise their chances of generating new business leads. Based on around 45 mins dedicated calling I identified the correct contact, had a conversation, booked a meeting for Monday afternoon, and unearthed a live Internet provision project, thus a hot lead, at one local firm, this was from the 3rd call made. These specially selected dates for customer care training and sales training take place in our excellent training venues based in Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leeds and Bristol. You must book for 2 or more delegates and at least 4 weeks in advance, but that’s it, the course you want where you want it.
All these elements help create a good learner experience for the global sales staff of organizations. Clearly, most of the members on your team are not selling up to their potential and therefore not generating the revenues they could. Ita€™s because the other 75 percent either are not in the right sales position or they truly dona€™t know how to sell. Practising your sales presentation techniques with some of the best trainers in the UK will give you the cutting edge. Our drop in personal development training is four times greater than any other European country. This is then all brought to life when the trainer makes the call on behalf of the delegate so that the theory becomes reality. Normally these training courses would cost ?450 + vat per day per delegate but you can snap them up for just ?225! Executives or managers who want to enhance their leadership effectiveness to achieve organizational and career success. The reason we ask for a minimum of 4 weeks notice is to enable us to market the course you have scheduled to other companies and organisations. This includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day, framed certification and comprehensive training notes. Consulta nuestras Condiciones de uso y nuestra Politica de privacidad para mas informacion. Consulta nuestra Politica de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para mas informacion. Articulate Storyline is well known for its interface simplicity which makes it very user friendly. Elements such as simulations, videos, scenarios and more can easily be incorporated into online courses with the help of Articulate Storyline. If every member on your sales team knew and did what the top 25 percent do, then your team would be selling more! This sales training course comes with refreshments, lunch, free parking and is guaranteed to increase your sales skills.
Executives and professionals wanting to compete successfully but still retain balance in their life.
However, if we fail to sell any additional places we guarantee to run the course just for you. Personnel having knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint can work easily with Articulate Storyline.
Individuals who want to understand their blind spots so that they don't stand in their own way on their path to success. Executives and Professionals who want to improve their interpersonal skills so as to be more effective with bosses, peers, subordinates, or people in general. Please note to be eligible for U-Choose you must book a minimum of 2 delegates on the same course & date.

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