With the constant evolving technology and the constantly fluctuating economy, people perception about the markets change almost daily. Experienced sales professionals often get stuck in their old methods and doesna€™t realize that consumer perception has changed and maybe ita€™s time when the sales professional needs to review his strategies and tactics before making his sales call. Work Better Training works with the sales professional who already have moderate experience and wants to develop their skills further to enhance their impact, effectiveness and efficiency. In this interactive workshop, sales people engage in lively discussions, participate in role plays, and work on individual sales application exercises tailored to their industry, products and services. Sales Success for Non-Sales Professionals™ is a one or two day experiential training workshop that transforms the way previously non-selling professionals look at the “selling” process. Every participant receives a Sales Success for Non-Sales Professionals™ Workshop Manual including text, work-sheets, and exercises.
Sales Success for Non-Sales Professionals™ training workshop may be offered in a one or two day format with follow up coaching as an option. In an increasingly complex selling environment, successful sales professionals use relationship-oriented selling approaches to help their customers win.
In today’s complex sales environment, gimmicks and tactics are obsolete: customers are just too savvy.

Only intentional sales professionals who cut through the noise to foster authentic client centered relationships can truly help their customers win. Sales professionals and organizations seeking stronger customer relationships, a complete understanding of the sales process and the ability to generate increased numbers.
Dale Carnegie Sales Training: Winning with Relationship Selling stands out as the only sales training program that combines a proven selling process with timeless customer relationship skills from the groundbreaking Dale Carnegie bestseller, How to Win Friends and Influence People.
The key objective of my service is to provide a practical, effective, and affordable solution that will increase the sales performance of your team.
I offer a number of open courses that your sales team can attend, or I can create a bespoke solution and work exclusively with your sales team.
Old methods sometimes do more harm than good to organization and that is why it is highly advisable to constantly review the techniques to keep up the ever-changing consumer requirements. We train sales people on the consultative and tactical sales principles and provide specific selling techniques which coupled with participants experience paves the way for successful sales. While covering the entire sales process participants discover how to best utilize their skills and abilities for successful sales outcome. Coaching is a powerful way to build on the new skills and ensure that communication training dollars are maximized.

We provide onsite sales training seminars, intensive sales skills coaching, or sales keynote speaker programs. A strong customer relationship allows the sales organization to build trust, offer insights, and then help the customer meet their business objectives.
We show participants how to cultivate consultative relationships so they can uncover customer’s additional needs that match your products and services. Contact us for more information about the Sales Success™ training program or to discuss your organization’s additional corporate training needs. Only through enduring and meaningful customer relationships, can sales professionals learn which approach will create the best opportunity for client success. Having this model to rely on brings comfort to the professional asked to do a little more on the sales side. In this experiential training seminar, your team members will learn to achieve sales goals through our interactive approach which blends instruction, discussion and practice sessions for on-the-job success.

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