If you need to increase your own personal sales in 2015, please subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll show you how to make that happen. The pressures of the business keep her inside in manufacturing, operations and management activities, all necessary but taking away from her sales activities. A candidate is found, good resume, sold some stuff before, has a nice personality and a bonus, she likes him. Motivating your sales force is a necessity–but what separates small businesses from larger businesses is a true sales plan, based on clear action steps, building a pipeline, and holding sales people accountable for either closing deals, moving prospects to close and managing profitable business.
If you don’t have a Simple Sales Plan that works consider purchasing my low cost ($49.00) 100 % GUARANTEED Training Video with all the tools, templates you need to execute for yourself or a sales team.
I provide support and sales training to small and medium size businesses and individuals by building an effective, simple and proven systematic sales process that is scalable, sustainable and sane. With this structure and guidance, sales teams and individual sales professionals move prospects to customers, existing accounts to growth and marginal accounts to improved profitability with consistent and measurable results. This Master Class is designed for both new and experienced Area, Regional or National Sales Managers and Sales Directors who have to get the best out of today’s salespeople.
The Sales Management Master Class shows delegates how to achieve consistently improved results from their sales team and how to build a team of salespeople who themselves strive for continual improvement in their personal performance. For those delegates that are new to sales management who have recently been promoted from a sales role, this Master Class begins by showing delegates how to cross the bridge between Selling and Managing without losing friendships and respect in the process.

Finally, delegates attending the Sales Management Master Class will learn to understand the difference between management and leadership and therefore how to maximise the potential from others using leadership, motivation and teamwork and be able to coach, develop, support and motivate their people for improved effectiveness and improved business performance.
Unless stated otherwise, all open Master Classes are held at our central UK venue in Preston which is within easy reach of the motorway and rail networks. If you require further information please call 01772 611115 or 020 7100 1331 and speak to one of our course advisors who will be happy to help.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Are you seeing your potential customers sit down with you only for them to shake you by the hand and tell I’ll think about it?
Do you think that using body language when talking to your prospect will help you increase sales?
The hire is completed, her new rep is sent into the business for a few weeks to learn the ins and outs of widgets.
It’s surprising how many small and medium businesses (and startups) are guilty of this action plan–and the problem is that many business owners wonder why it didn’t work and then become concerned (rightfully) about the cost of training and salaries (there is no or little commission!) that they invest in unsuccessful sales hires.
The Sales Management Master Class is designed to equip and empower sales managers and directors to motivate their staff and build a successful, dynamic sales team. The Master Class shows managers and directors how to train and appraise and MAXIMISE the performance of the existing team and how to recruit additional members of the team WHO CAN SELL.

We use purpose-built training rooms and facilities that enable the training to be conducted in a relaxed stress free atmosphere, conducive to effective and focussed learning. If this is the case, the date and location will be shown in the Master Class title bar at the top of this synopsis page. Lead the prospect to rule-out & lockout the competition by setting the buying criteria around your USPs. Are you running with the pack rather than elevating yourself to the envious position of being a Sales Legend? The next step is to travel around meeting clients to learn why they buy this particular widget.
Hire a sales person, “my widget practically sells itself!” So she reaches out to find a sales person.
Now it is time to show the rep to his new office to belly up to the phone, boot up and thumb through this year’s Austin Business Journal Book of Lists to research leads. As she leaves his office she will say (9 out of 10 times this happens!) “Go Get em’ Tiger!” End of the sales training.

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