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The Sandler training program includes a bunch of keywords, pictures, and techniques designed to shift sales people from the stereotypical used-car-salesman-type to a trusted and professional advisor. I could highlight many take-aways from this training – most are pictured in the graphic below, but if I had to pick one I’d chose NO GUTS NO GAIN! Whether or not you are in sales, all of us eventually find ourselves selling something to someone (ideas, projects, opinions, decisions, budgets, etc). If your focus is on yourself, your selling approach will most likely fall closer to the used-car-salesman type of approach. If your audience throws something unforeseen into the mix at the last minute, have the GUTS to acknowledge it, explain how it impacts the end result, and deal with it honestly.

Proven psychological principles defined and described by the human relations model of Transactional Analysis, which address issues of self-esteem and the ability to relate to others. Comprehensive training that addresses professional development issues which are critical to success, such as goal setting, action plan development, performance evaluation, and communication skills. Worldwide presence with over 500 Sandler trainers located in major cities throughout the World (see pages 4 & 5). Unlike other training organizations who typically utilize subcontracted facilitators to deliver their training, all Sandler training is delivered by full-time Sandler trainers who have been thoroughly trained in both curriculum content and delivery. Multi-lingual and multi-cultural training capabilities through local training centers located in over 27 countries, with materials translated into 14 languages (see page 6).
Proven track record with over 40 years of self-development, sales, and leadership training.

Blended learning options and reinforcement training available through a variety of media to support on-site, facilitator-led training.
I’m not in sales, but have partnered with sales for most of my IT career and have found that the principles apply universally. But if you can help, explain how the other person benefits (don’t make it about you).

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