If you want your law degree from the best of the best, follow these feeds from some of the top-ranked law schools in the country to find the university culture that fits you.
UChicago School of Law: This feed connects you with school paper articles and some cool features like interviews with professors. UVA Law School: Read up on UVA faculty and student body in the news, plus takes on Virginia politics that you may not otherwise come across. Cornell Law School: Tweets with news and views, with handy tidbits like letting you know when new trial rules come out and linking you to them. These feeds are operated by the schools ranking in the top 20 for percentage of students who pass the bar and find a job, while keeping their law school debt low.
GSU College of Law: In addition to school news, Georgia State tweets regularly about health law and charity events.
Nebraska Law: It has a tiny following, but Nebraska is a great value school and this feed does a good job keeping students informed about campus news. Wisconsin Law School: Wisconsin uses its Twitter account for supporting worthy causes like toy drives and food drives, and the legal news is there, too.
Arkansas Law School: Never miss a seminar or debate happening on the Arkansas Law campus by watching this feed. You can't become a practicing attorney with an online law degree, but if you want an underrated but rewarding job with a lot going for it, follow these schools that offer online law degrees. Kaplan University: Find tips for applying to college, event notifications and success stories of Kaplan graduates.

University of Liverpool: Liverpool has a large crowd following its tweets about studying abroad and playful banter with students. The best way to ensure acceptance into your law school of choice is to score high on the LSAT. KaplanLSATPrep: The feed by this well-known test prep company is pretty much required reading for LSAT takers.
Next Step Test Prep: The company is a paid tutoring service, but the feed also has free articles with tips on acing the LSAT. Cambridge LSAT: Cambridge is another for-pay prep service, but in following the tweets you may decide the materials are well worth the money. Blueprint LSAT Blog: Here are more tips and info on the LSAT, with a smattering of legal news and fun stuff. SimuGator LSAT Prep: Check out helpful articles on topics like law school personal statement ideas and survival tips for freshmen law students. OnLawSchool: Have your test and admissions questions answered by LSAT pros through this Twitter feed. Law School Podcaster: These tweets will help you knock out the LSAT and arm you with strategies for getting admitted somewhere.
LSAC (the LSAT): The Law School Admissions Council is the group behind the LSAT, and this is their Twitter feed. National Jurist: Find scholarly articles, news, and entertainment for pre-law and law students.

LST: Law School Transparency is focused on getting law school info to the people that need it. Get a look inside the life of an attorney (or a soon-to-be one), straight from the horse's mouth. Bitter Lawyer: This is for lawyers and students who prefer their legal news with a healthy dose of snark.
David Barrett: The lawyer with the (self-claimed) largest LinkedIn network tweets about law and social media. Brett Trout: Brett is a patent lawyer who tweets about cyber law and even wrote a book on the subject. The Walden Twitter page offers uplifting quotes and stats to get you through a tough day of studying. Lucky for you there are all kinds of resources out there to help you get admitted to law school and succeed while you're there. If it pleases the court, here are 60 of the best Twitter feeds for aspiring law school students.

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