Taking it up a level, rather than submit a written application they’ll face one on one interviews and be asked to respond to questions along the following lines. The standard of initial responses was high and I’d love to be a fly on the wall during the up coming interviews.
Visionary Leadership is something that must be really caught as it separates good leaders from great leaders. After reading their applications to their peers students voted and a short list of candidates was created.
Often leaders will micro-manage (which is necessary on occasion) but truly great leaders know how to communicate the big picture to their team and empower them to outwork this greater vision in their own particular area of responsibility.The vision sets the premise for what the goals will be for the team. This group will now meet with our Principal, Assistant Principal, SCR Coordinator and this year’s current school captains.

It's necessary to know exactly what needs to be achieved and everything else is angled towards achieving the vision.Vision provides the initial step towards momentum. If you do it'll bring leadership qualities which are negative such as confusion, mistrust and unhelpful redirection. It gets everyone going in the same direction and gives all of your team the permission to form their own vision inside of your big picture vision. Visionary leadership needs great team leadership skills.Make your Vision big - It's very easy to allow a narrow vision as it's safe and achievable. However you'll never achieve the success you deserve if you don't challenge the greatness of it.
They limit themselves to fewer possibilities by the narrowness of their vision."Communicate the Vision - It's fantastic to have a huge, achievable and innovative vision!

Firstly make sure that you know every detail of your vision (or at least as much as you can) and determine to communicate this effectively. Be clear and concise when you're communicating as a visionary leader and be prepared to answer questions and know the answers from your team.

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