Investment includes to all sessions, activities, visits, mentoring, experiences, learning material,social events & certification. Pakistan Festivals, Events, Trade Shows All Pakistani events in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Sindh, Punjab, Trade Shows, Conferences in Pakistan, Arts Festivals, Cultural Events, Social Events, Music Night Festivals, Singers Concerts, Film etc. We?re following some age old Roman wisdom here with the adage ?Carpe Diem? and from the contemporary leaders of the youth movement with the motto ?You Only Live Once (YOLO)?.
The School of Leadership called it “An event designed to awaken, uplift and inspire Karachiites!” And to make it so, they had many inspiring success stories to share, theatrical and musical performances, motivational speaker sessions as well as a youth bazaar which gave heARTwork the opportunity to showcase its work to the audience present..
Karachi School of Business and Leadership started its MBA programme this year with 65 seats.
According to its dean, Dr Shaukat Brah, “Criterion for a successful educational institution is very simple”.
During his meeting with journalists on Wednesday, Dr Brah urged all Pakistanis “to make ways not excuses”.
Dr Brah, who got his PhD from the University of Houston, taught at the National University Singapore Business School and has also served as the dean of the Suleman Dawood School of Business at the Lahore University of Management Sciences  (Lums).
The admission committee only looks at the capabilities of the students during the admission and, later, they see if the student can afford the tuition or not, he said. Students, who have completed 16 years of education, appear in the school’s GAT General Special Test. Referring to the five-year agreement with Cambridge University, he said that the university is assessing the curriculum and faculty and their professors will be visiting the schools.
KSBL marketing and communications incharge Humayun Javed Khan took the journalists on a tour of the campus.
Most people, I believe, think that you need a God to explain the existence of the world, and especially the existence of life, but our education system is such that many people don’t know it.

We have to make education a priority, but all this debate about education and testing is almost beside the point. Princeton has made an enormous difference in my life, and I am delighted to be able to express my gratitude in such a tangible way. Higher education cant be a luxury, its an economic imperative that every family in Pakistan should be able to afford. Skills and experience can only take you so far which is why successful companies have an all-star board of directors. Education seems to be in Pakistan the only commodity of which the customer tries to get as little he can for his money. Business and Leadership degrees are nothing more than Churan and Manjan which these institutes sell to wealthy, spoiled and promiscuous teens so that they can feel like they are running this world and it is worth paying hundred of thousands or rupees for religiously learning unstable and ever-changing dynamics of today’s technology oriented market. No matter which way you put it, the idea is that this is the only life you have, so make the most of it today! With its top-class faculty and collaboration with Cambridge University, KSBL will give tough competition to the already established business schools in Pakistan, he said.
Dr Brah admitted that the two-year MBA programme costs around Rs1.4 million, which is similar to Lums’ fee structure. Those who are shortlisted are called in for an interview where the admission committee gauges their managerial skills. The school has a strong corporate backing but all companies need the best employees, said the dean. The lecture rooms are equipped with the latest technology so students can attend lectures through video conferencing as well. It is not a question of whether or not we have the money, it is a question of how we choose to spend it.

The generosity of earlier generations of donors made it possible for me to attend Princeton as a young student from Karachi!!! Business and Leadership because these jargon don’t require a person to be master of some complex empirical formulation like we see in Biomedical, Nano-technology, Software Engineering. This 7-day customized master training program will enable you to discover concepts, competencies and the craft required to make learning meaningful and effective.
He explained, however, that the admissions are carried out on the criteria of “need-blind admission”. They also have a sound-controlled video camera that focus automatically on the face of the student who will be asking questions, he said. TTYT will equip you with the tools, models and skills needed to make sessions absorbing and effective.
It?s time to step out of your comfort zone and learn through experience because listening to a lecture just won?t cut it anymore. The school aims at developing entrepreneurs, who then generate jobs and opportunities for others in the country. A rigorous learning experience featuring extensive tours & visits with incredible experiential learning opportunities, this is your first step towards becoming a respected trainer.

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