TweetOngoing education is important to stay ahead of the competition in any profession, and real estate investing is no different.
Anyone who seeks financial wealth must first learn the fundamental truths and models that drive it.
The bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad confirms his message and challenges readers to change their context and think and act in a new way. If you liked Rich Dad Poor Dad, you must read the follow-up guide to finding the financial fast track that best works for you. The Compound Effect contains the essence of what every super-achiever needs to know, practice, and master to obtain extraordinary success.
Whether you intend to landlord your own properties or hire the job out to property management, you need to understand how property management works. Get This EXCLUSIVE Real Estate Investing Course that Reveals How to Do Deals Using No Money and No Credit ($997 Value) FREE!

Wattles is a book that focuses on how creation, not competition is the hidden key to attaining wealth. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor represents the collected wisdom and experience of over 100 millionaire investors from all walks of life who pursued financial wealth and achieved the life-changing freedom it delivers. Robert’s fresh approach to his time-tested messages includes clear, actionable steps that any individual or family can take, starting with education.
There have been more millionaires and indeed, billionaires, who credit their fortunes to their reading this success classic than any other book ever printed.
The possibilities are endless, and required reading for real estate investors… novice and expert, alike. It reveals the strategies necessary for moving beyond job security (a myth, by the way) to financial independence through the four financial quadrants.
Wattles describes the exact science of getting rich, and if followed, failure is impossible.

Every page is replete with well-researched and immediately practical guidelines for concentrating your thoughts and emotions on the attainment of your goals.
If you’re truly interested in real estate investing then you must first realize that investing in income properties is all about the numbers. This guide gives you proven strategies for establishing and maintaining rental properties, be they single family or multi-resident. It’s about discounted cash flow and rates of return and net operating income and cap rates.
The Science of Getting Rich preceded Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and was credited by Rhonda Byrne of The Secret as a major influence.

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