UPDATE-- Our sponsor has generously donated a JB HI FI gift card to be won on the night by random draw..
Since becoming organiser back in 2013 we have dragged the chain a bit, but in 2014 the sky is looking more blue than ever before! PLEASE NOTE: I've accepted the nomination of organiser on a temporary basis, on behalf of Will Cook, who'll take over organiser rights after restructuring his existing Meetup accounts and groups.
Deisi Ocampo of Chicago received a gift from her father when she turned 19 earlier this month, just as many people do on their special day.
Ocampo's father gave her the pair of $100 Million Money Mania tickets on her birthday, but she didn't scratch them off until she was on her way to work the following day. Ocampo plans to use her new wealth to buy her family a house, as well as help pay for her education. While Ocampo's win is a remarkable one, Illinois Lottery chief of staff Sara Barnett says that lottery tickets are not a rare present.
In 2011, an anonymous church-goer put a winning $30,000 lottery ticket into a Baltimore church’s collection plate. Entrants with a winning scratch card who have completed and submitted the Instant Win Prize claim form on the Website (as above) will be automatically entered into the Daily Prize Draw; entrants with a non-winning scratch card can enter the Daily Prize Draw if they, during the Competition Period, visit the Website to fully complete and submit the Daily Prize Draw entry form including by providing their full name, mobile phone number, email address, the 10 digit unique code from their non winning Scratch Card and any additional information as required by the Promoter.
All valid Daily Prize Draw entries received as per the Daily Prize Draw Entry Methods above (including Daily Prize Draw Bonus Entries (as detailed below)) will also be automatically entered into the Second Chance Draw element of this competition. Bonus entries into the Daily Prize Draw may be offered by the Promoter throughout the Competition Period, at its discretion. There will be 56 Daily Prize Draws conducted; one draw in respect of each day of the Competition Period.

There will be 1 Second Chance Draw conducted for any unclaimed or un-won Instant Win Prizes valued over $50. Entry Limits Entrants may enter up to three times per person per day provided that each entry is based on a separate Eligible Purchase in a separate transaction.
Instant Win Prize winners will be notified in writing via email upon validation of their Instant Win Prize claim. Daily Prize Draw winners and Second Chance Draw winners will be notified by phone and in writing within two days of the relevant draw. See you all for some fun and beautiful evenings that will hopefully be a story to share fondly in years to come. If you'd like to assist in any meetup evening by volunteering your place for us to have some nibbles and drinks, please email me through the site.
But the present -- two Illinois Lottery scratch-off tickets -- ended up being very special as the teen won a $4 million prize. The incredibly appreciative pastor of the parish said he was going to use the donation to pay for church expenses, as well as help those in need.
The entrant will then be contacted by the Promoter with further details and information about the Instant Win Prize.
Each prize awarded in this draw will be distributed to the next valid Second Chance Draw entry randomly drawn in descending order of value until all prizes are awarded.
This Unclaimed Prize Draw will re-award any unclaimed Daily Prizes in descending order of value until all unclaimed Daily Prizes are awarded.
Avoid the speed dating environment and relax in the privacy of a private home or a boutique restaurant.

Each Daily Prize Draw will consist of all of the valid Daily Prize Draw entries received on the previous calendar day. The Second Chance Draw will consist of all valid Second Chance Draw entries received during the Competition Period. Daily Prize Draw entries will not rollover into subsequent Daily Prize Draws (subject to paragraph 5).
Daily Prizes will be awarded in descending order of value to the first two randomly drawn valid Daily Prize Draw entrants drawn in each Daily Prize Draw (i.e. With an official five star rating , and all food made by hand, with love and attention to detail.
We are fortunate to be able to offer 10% off the bill, plus we are lucky enough to have a kind sponsor who will pay for your entry to win cash on the night! We emphasise there is nothing to sign up for or buy, it is just a gesture to support our group.
Drinks are very moderately priced and with a set menu and 14 different meats carved in front of you, all juicy and succulent like, plus condiments etc..

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