Everyone here at Coaches Hot Seat would like to congratulate Aggie-Nation for their full acceptance into the Southeastern Conference and for the courage they showed to stand up to Big Tex which now will Lord over the remaining 8 other Big 12 teams that don’t mind eating a lot of this…. Yes, it is pitiful that the University of Oklahoma with all of its glorious football and athletics history has been reduced to little more than a spittoon cleaner for Big Tex. With the Aggies headed East to the land of milk and honey where they play tough football but they still treat their fellow conference members like human beings instead of cattle that are to be branded, managed and hauled off to market when necessary the focus turns to the University of Missouri and if they will follow A&M out the Big 12 door and tell the Arrogant Bastards in Austin that they can…. Oh, that is some very good writing and very good writing that is right on point of what is wrong in the Big 12 and if the folks at the University of Missouri believe that anything has changed just because the Pac-12 decided to stand pat at 12 teams then they are kidding themselves because it is our opinion that Oklahoma president David Boren would have given up the Texas – Oklahoma series if the Pac-12 would have taken Oklahoma and Oklahoma State as their 13 th and 14 th teams and the ONLY reason that the Sooners are not headed west is that the Pac-12 got cold feet on adding more teams. Of course, the leadership at the University of Missouri should be advised that Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesman has given the folks at Missouri their marching orders in his latest….
This potential move looks south, where the Tigers could join the conference that has won the last five college football national championships, the league that is A&M’s new home. The Aggies are planning an SEC celebration tonight at the school that to them will feel more like a University of Texas liberation.
A&M is willing to surrender a gridiron rivalry with Texas that dates to 1894 to escape Bevo and the Network.
For those folks in leadership positions at the University of Missouri that are looking for some impartial advice from people that don’t have a dog in this fight (and we still would not let Big Tex watch our dogs for any amount of money) we have watched and observed the Big 12 Conference from up-close and afar for years now long before Coaches Hot Seat was created in 2007 and there is not a chance in Hell we would keep our school in the Big 12 as it is now configured which in our opinion means the Big 12 Conference is run from Austin and everyone else can just Go to Hell. We would especially not stay in the Big 12 Conference if a conference like the SEC was willing to take OUR school into their fold which it sounds like the SEC presidents would be willing to do with Missouri and why the Hell wouldn’t the SEC want the University of Missouri in the SEC since it is strong in both athletics and academics and would make a great addition to the conference.
Something we have noticed about the SEC Conference over the years which is especially apparent at the SEC spring meetings in Destin, Florida every year is that the SEC has always been filled with very big egos that are not shy about expressing their opinions but when all is said and done ALL of the members of the SEC Conference work together for what is best for the SEC. The last SEC spring meetings proved that point in spades when the SEC football coaches expressed their sentiment against the conference cracking down on oversigning and in a conference that is viewed by most as a place that puts sports first the SEC presidents voted to put in safeguards against oversigning which they did to protect student-athletes and that was the right thing for the SEC to do for the overall health of the SEC going forward. There is no doubt in our minds that if the University of Missouri decided to join the SEC and they traveled to the SEC spring meetings in Destin in 2012 they would be amazed at the differences between the SEC and Big 12 starting with the FACT that the SEC schools are actually working together for the good of the conference and that is one of the main reasons why the SEC Conference is so strong today and will continue to be a strong college athletic conference for decades to come.

Our recommendation to the leadership at the University of Missouri: From what we are hearing if the SEC is interested in Missouri the window for joining the SEC may be small one since there are a lot of schools out there that would have an interest in putting their athletic department and school in the SEC and if that window closes it probably will never open again which means that the folks and fans at Missouri better get used to bowing down to Big Tex and having to eat Big Tex’s….
It would be very easy for the leadership at the University of Missouri to find out if the SEC is interested in Missouri joining their conference and that would be one phone call to SEC commish Mike Slive who has no doubt already determined if the SEC presidents are ready and willing to take any of the following: Missouri, FSU, Virginia Tech, NC State, Clemson, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, West Virginia and a couple of other schools that might have an interest in joining the SEC. If the SEC says “yes” the NO-BRAINER of all time for the folks at Missouri is tell the Arrogant Asses in Austin that have given out their orders to Missouri and turn them around….
We never really understood the hiring of Mike Locksley to lead New Mexico football because he had no connections to New Mexico and to the southwestern region of the United States which is something goes to the heart of making a great college football coaching hire which is the REAL importance of making Damn sure that the head coach fits the culture, the schools, the fans and the football program because a coach that does not “fit” well will be fighting an uphill battle from the start.
Mike Locksley’s predecessor at New Mexico was Rocky Long who is from Provo, Utah and actually played and coached as an assistant at New Mexico and before Rocky Long the head coach of the Lobos was Dennis Franchione who is from Kansas and spent most of his coaching career in the southwestern United States.
We would agree with the first two items of head coaching experience and ability to recruit in Texas but ties to Albuquerque is not a necessity for the next New Mexico head football coach but ties and experience in the southwest – western regions of the United States if very Damn important and should be high up on the list of requirements as well. Of course, if New Mexico can hire Mike Leach they should have already hired him and let him finish coaching the rest of this season but we don’t have a clue if Mike would take the UNM job if offered since he might be up for several jobs come December…although probably not many offers from BCS conference schools since there is so much litigation still outstanding from his ouster from Texas Tech.
The state of New Mexico is one of our favorite states in the country and that is because we love the countryside where there are lots of wide open spaces and plenty of room to both get away from it all and still visit great towns like Albuquerque and Santa Fe.
No one does is the answer to that question and that is why Dennis Franchione and Rocky Long had so much “relative” success at New Mexico with “relative” meaning UNM is not an easy place to win football games, but then who would have thought that Boise State would have been a place where a national power in college football could have been built? It will be interesting to see which direction that New Mexico goes in and if AD Paul Krebs stays true to his stated requirements in hiring a new Lobos head coach then he should make a very good hire but finding the right guy that both can coach winning football and fits the culture that is New Mexico and Lobos football is paramount.
He’s the most powerful athletic director in the country, if not the most powerful college sports figure in the nation. Now we get to see if the folks running the University of Missouri are going to fall into the Toady line with the Oklahoma Sooners or if they are going to go “Aggie” on Big Tex and act like Real Americans and tell the Boys in Austin where they can stuff their Longhorn Network where the Sun Doesn’t Shine! The school has made inquiries to the Big Ten, and the Tigers were tied to that conference through speculation in last year’s round of realignment.

A&M’s move is as much about separating itself from the Longhorns, who have always looked down on the Aggies as an annoying little brother. The Aggies are headed to a conference where, at least in the short-term, they figure to be no better than the middle of the pack. Yes, it would be a real stunner to us for Alabama AD Mal Moore to hold press conferences like Texas AD DeLoss Dodds has over the years which in our opinion have been nothing more than Dodds playing the role of an Arrogant Ass that doesn’t care about anything but promoting his precious ass and the reason that Mal Moore would never do something like that is because Mal Moore is a decent human being that puts the overall health of the SEC Conference ahead of any petty jealousies that might pop-up into the head of a juvenile delinquent that cares nothing about himself. Mike Locksley was fired after 4 games into the 2011 season after putting up a record of 2 – 26 over the last three years at New Mexico which was hastened by a strange “car borrowing” incident (Mike Locksley out at New Mexico following “car borrowing” incident, College Football Talk) that evidently was the last straw for the folks in Albuquerque.
Yes, he did and evidently he was not working off the above criteria when he made the Locksley hire because Mike fits within none of the above requirements.
Mike Leach would immediately change the entire atmosphere around New Mexico football and start putting butts in the seats at Lobo football games and if UNM is looking for a coach that will win and take their team to bowl games on a regular basis then the Pirate Mike Leach is their man. Anyone that has spent a decent amount of time in New Mexico knows there is a certain culture and attitude in the state that centers around not taking oneself to seriously and the importance of taking time to enjoy one’s life and the beauty of which New Mexico has plenty to offer.
We sure the Hell never thought that and if a national power in football can be built in Boise it can be built in Albuquerque or anywhere else in the country for that matter. People in New Mexico work hard and they play hard and we would imagine they would expect the UNM head football coach to do his job, keep his name out of the papers, graduate his players and win football games and not offend many people in the process….because in a place like New Mexico who has time to waste on people that are always whipping up trouble?
Mike Leach would be like Manna from Heaven for the Los Angeles press boys and he would be winning a whole lot of football games at UCLA too!

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