Tim of the Area 702 Kreu sent us some photos of their new skate hanger aptly named Area 702. Jacob Maslow is our Editor, and has extensive experience with writing about global financial matters. The Secret Garden Spa is an eco-friendly wellness facility located on Staten Island, and specializing in all-natural, vegan, and organic treatments. Somebody needs spend a bunch of money that isn’t mine and build another indoor spot for us in Phoenix.
After all, the annual Victoria’s Secret supermodel fashion show has achieved a high level of fame in and of itself. This means that a chunk of the profits it generates would be used to buy up shares of the company’s stock.
The spa believes that everything clients put on their bodies is as important as what they eat.

Regardless of whether you are looking at underwear, jeans or a shirt, the underlying cost is almost negligible.
Previously, people would watch that show to get an idea as to what kind of lingerie fashion will be available in the next year. Spa interiors are feng shui-inspired and incorporate eco-friendly elements such as recycled materials, bamboo flooring, and zero VOC paint.
I have visited other "green" spas in other boroughs and this has by far exceeded all of my expectations! Of all the New York spa I couldn't believe that this was the first and only one wellness spa in New York is certified green inside and out: The Secret Garden Green Spa! So when you are in Las Vegas, be sure to stop by the Area 702 compound for a climate controlled session. Services include wellness massage, body wraps and scrubs, organic facials, organic cotton microdermabrasion and our signature Anti-Gravity Facial!

The texture of my skin is even and soft, and those nasty enlarged pores that have been haunting me for decades are gone!!!
I had the most amazing massage by Robert who is a true professional and gave me the best massage I have ever had! I can so vouch for this Spa, they truly provide a wellness experience for the clients AND the environment. I also treated myself to the all natural face lift with Michele and i think i came out looking 10 years younger :) The Secret Garden has truly gotten it right this time! Moreover, the company has unleashed three signals that would make any investor break out in smiles.

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