2.       Anti-Love Day on Facebook Sweeps – Ask for Facebook comments from people NOT celebrating V-Day on how they plan to spend the day.
3.       Procrastinator’s Instagram Sweepstakes  – No one wants to be that guy in CVS on Valentine’s Day getting the last card and the dented box of chocolates.
As always, pay close attention to the platform guidelines for promotions when executing any promotion, and make it legal! To read more posts by Marden-Kane, please visit our main blog page or subscribe to our email list.
Judyth Piazza and The SOP Wish YOU Happy Valentine`s Day:  What are YOU doing for that special someone today? You can send the "secret admirer" letter by email to your crush or print it and give it to your crush.

Meme Maker - when yo secret admirer send you his new mixtape for valentines day Meme Maker! On the day of, ask for pictures from those last minute procrastinators on Instagram with an appropriate hashtag (such as #badvalentine) and reward your winners with the gift they should have gotten if they hadn’t waited.
Pinterest Sweepstakes — Ask people to create a Pinterest board and pin photos of all the things they love – including your brand or products – with the hashtag #iloveyoumorethan.
We can help you with any and all aspects of your sweepstakes — from rules to execution. It can be for a crush in high school or college, a neighbor, a friend, someone you just met, etc.
Just ask for the best twitter love note in 140 characters or less with the hashtag of your choice (like #tweetlove).

If their crush gets the Snapchat photo and logs in to the URL using the code, they get to find out who their secret admirer is – and both the secret admirer and the crush could win a dream vacation. If they are not, you can explain that it's only for charity purpose (I mean, really, you're just doing a good deed!)! All of them are social in nature, and there is still time to put any one of these into place before the big day.

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