Billie Piper als Belle de Jour in „Secret Diary of a Call Girl“(c) 2010 Showtime Networks Inc. Secret Diaries Of A Call Girl NetflixSECRET DIARIES OF A CALL GIRL NETFLIXNosecret diary of word and license new here know why netflix.
In the second-season finale, Belle and Alex make a go at a relationship, but Stephanie's offer of one final job for Belle, with a mystery date who asked specifically for her, is too much of a temptation for Belle to resist. Premise: Sexploits of a highly educated, high-priced London escort whose working name is Belle de Jour but in her non-working hours is known as Hannah.

I'm the founder of this wiki so if you need any help with anything, have a question to ask, want to report someone, or are unsure about something ect. Hey I'm Ariane but you can call me Aria, I'm a 19 year old woman who loves love making icons, fanvids, graphics and editing on wiki! Not going to lie when I first read the synopsis for Reign, I didn't think it would be good since the cw is known for its cheese factor and I didn't think they could pull off a period drama. Showtime und ITV2 ziehen einen Schlussstrich unter das Kapitel Secret Diary of a Call Girl: Mit der Bestellung der vierten Staffel haben die Sender zugleich das Ende der Dramedy eingelautet.

When I saw the first clip and promo for the show however, I became super excited for the show! Nun berichtet The Live Feed, beide Sender haben eine vierte, aber zugleich auch letzte Staffel der Dramedy bestellt.

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