See, for an event that felt the need to kill a universe that I have so loved, I guess I was expecting something bigger. So while I don’t completely hate this event, there are some things I found pretty disappointing. The conceit of the first Secret Wars was to that Marvel put all these heroes together and had them fight all these villains. This modern Battleworld is a patchwork of entire alternate Marvel universes, meaning you could bring together some of the greatest heroes of all time and have them fight the best villains of all time. Instead, we have a weird feudal set up with all the worlds agreeing to keep out of each other’s hair. To jump off the last point, what about the end of The Avengers when Doom shot a timeline into the Beyonder’s faces (this is an approximation of what actually happened)?
I (mostly) think these will be answered in the main-story comic, but I’ve seen no seeds of it thus far.

My fear is that, like Hickman’s Avengers and New Avengers, the answers to everything are going to be stuffed into the last couple issues of the series. Secret Wars #9, albo conclusivo del grande evento Marvel Comics, uscirA  con po' di ritardo.
L'attesissimo numero finale di Secret Wars, una delle saghe Marvel Comics piA? importanti di sempre, uscirA  con un grosso ritardo. E' in arrivo, con Panini Comics, l'albo Secret Wars n.1 che darA  il via alla saga che cambierA  per sempre il Marvel Universe. There have been some pretty good issues and some… not so good ones, as is par for the course. He just sits at the foot of the World Tree, has his Thors uphold the law, and presides over court. He has schemed and manipulated, he has sent Doombots to do petty actions Doom finds beneath him, but when it came to do the actual work, the nitty gritty, he was never afraid to get into the thick of it.

Which is, I suppose, a serviceable plot for a comic, but I can’t find it anything but a little disappointing. I expected to come into this world seeing chaos, not a defined kingdom with an ruthless King and a growing rebellion, but I guess that’s the secret of Secret Wars.
Purtroppo i tempi non sono stati rispettati e cosA¬ Secret Wars #9 uscirA  con circa 3 mesi di ritardo.

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