A look at the personal and professional life of a Secretary of State as she tries to balance her work and family life. Register so you can check out ratings by your friends, family members, and like-minded members of the FA community of users. Far from the gum-chewing, girdle-snapping typist with one eye on the clock and the other on the boss man, the private secretary was a marvel of efficiency.
These posture-perfect, poised professionals were a combination junkyard dog and encyclopedia, versed in everything from making the driest martini to knowing when the next train to Chicago left Grand Central. She typed like the wind, filed with blinding speed, and answered calls in carefully cultivated dulcet tones. This women of this elite force prided themselves on their appearance, knowing they represented their workplace.
An occasional glance in a mirror, the flick of a comb, a quick swipe of powder or gloss of lipstick at midday refreshed the private secretary’s workday polish.
Any visitors were greeted with a firm but friendly invitation to wait on her boss’s convenience.
Gentle nudges, a meaningful glance or an insightful comment muttered to her boss often turned the tide on high-powered deals.
This marketable maven was often responsible for office management skills like simple payroll, detailed filing systems, research, and proper forms of domestic and foreign correspondence. Because I was raised by a ladylike mother, in a generation that wholeheartedly believed in politeness and helpfulness as the mark of good upbringing, I have a tendency to drop everything and fly to the rescue of anyone in trouble.
I realized that too much of my mental and emotional energy was being poured out onto people who begged me for my advice and then blithely ignored it.
Each of our inner secretaries had the catalog of exemplary qualities listed above and, since they existed only in our minds, were nicely affordable.

Silver Screen Secrets to Share!It's 1930-something and you've just arrived in Hollywood for your screen test--how exciting! This blog will share some of The Golden Age of Hollywood's long-lost beauty, poise, and image secrets, so that YOU can present your most beautiful, poised and glamorous self to the dazzled world. I never accept guest posts or sponsored posts because I am a control freak and want to ensure that everything you read here I can wholeheartedly stand behind, endorse, and support. This blog exists to inform and entertain and as such, relies heavily on the incredible images from Hollywood’s Golden Age and other iconic images from the vintage world. Any product endorsements are simply a reflection of what products I personally use and love; no companies or individuals are providing them as gifts or bribes. This strange balance plays heavily into the Steven Shainberg-directed SECRETARY, based on a short story by Mary Gaitskill.
As the secretary, Grayson makes a good first impression in one of her early screen appearances. Today, we focus on one of the secrets to developing a confident, poised serenity–the hallmark of beauty for many of my beloved star style muses. The boss, knowing everything was in her capable, well-groomed hands, signed accordingly, then passed through her tidy little realm to his inner sanctum.
Well, most of us have a business-like, firm, smart, efficient side to ourselves that we usually only trot out when we’ve got to figure out taxes, defend our rights, set up appointments or deliver a presentation.
They call far too late in a tizzy, weep their way through a one-sided conversation, then go blithely off to dreamland while you fret and toss half the night, trying to figure out what they should do. Prioritize all encounters and activities based on the following criteria: Does it promote peace-of-mind?
Every attempt has been made to locate the owners of said images to request permission for use.

Lee Holloway (Maggie Gyllenhaal) is a troubled young woman with a secret, destructive addiction fueled by her mother's overprotectiveness and her father's alcoholism. If you are the owner of any of the images used here, please let me know if you would prefer they not be used as part of the entertainment and education they provide to culture-hungry, beauty-loving readers. Sheltered and wholly dependent on other people, Lee's only form of self-expression is in this private, painful habit. Somehow, imagining this paragon of business filtering my communications gives me the gumption to actually WAIT to see who’s calling. But, it's only a great reflection on your image that it's here--it means it's still serving its purpose of bringing beauty into the world. You probably know enough by now to refrain from wholesale monkeying with unknown products or practices without at least carefully testing them, right? Gray watches Lee, studies her, and slowly begins to correct both her typing errors and her personality flaws. Gray's dominance appears scary and overbearing, a true threat to Lee's naive, fragile psyche. But as the film carefully develops these unique characters, revealing their odd strengths and weaknesses, it becomes delightfully clear that Lee and Mr. SECRETARY is a bright, atmospheric movie that shines a light on the "fun" in this dysfunctional relationship, while using brilliant performances by Gyllenhaal and Spader to illustrate the benefits of sadomasochistic love.

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