In order to be able to listen to the samples you must install Flash Player 9 or newer version. All (or most) of these tracks and remixes are up for grabs from (mostly) Canadian producers and acts.  Every Sunday, we'll round-up all of our favourite remixes and tracks to download. His latest single "Deeper" (produced by Nate Smith) is the first single off his upcoming debut EP, which is slated for release this summer. After a decades' worth of taking over the Canadian industry, David is back with a new punchant single and equally electrifying music video to accompany it. VILLAS is an electronic duo exuding edgy R&B swagger and confidence, while delivering contemporary pop melodies.
Their latest single "All I Wanna Do" is a cover of the popular Beach Boys track off the 1970 album Sunflower. To perform in front of a crowd that came to dance, sweat, love, scream, cry, and live inside the music is all I want to do with my life AlanMichael is an independent artist from Arlington, VA. Local model agency DULCEDO has pulled a move that's unprecedented, officially announcing the release of their very own collection.
Play The Future is a new social gaming platform that pits users against each other in entertaining predictive competitions. B3SCI is dedicated to covering only the best past, present and future music spinning throughout the universe.

Any and all MP3s and audio files on this site are for promotional and streaming purposes only, unless otherwise indicated. These rookie Rise Records signees have just released a brand new video for their song Somewhere in Hiding, off their debut aldum The Ascent, which debuted at #3 on the Billboards Heatseeker Chart. Premiering today, "Forever Young" is definitely an indie summer anthem that is both personal and eclectic enough to give you the urge to start dancing alone in your bedroom. His latest single "Deeper" (produced by Nate Smith ) is the first single off his upcoming debut EP, which is slated for release this summer. They fooled customers with the Skinny Skinny Jean in 2013 and American Beagle Outfitters in 2014. Can you predict how many times Obama will mention Trump during his White House Correspondents’ Dinner speech?
She will be showing two animations and two painting during this year’s Chromatic Festival . Every track should be available for free download directly from the player, or the link next to the title of the track.
15" which is lifted from his debut EP Honeymoon Motel. The single is a dream-pop anthem that is so soft yet filled with a deeper meaning than what it might come off as on the surface. With spectacular production featuring addictive horns and a classic style that proves that less is definitely more.

The music video brings out the beauty in places you wouldn't necessarily think are beautiful in some was. This is your opportunity to get your fingers on some real cool threads from complexgeometries .
Blending multiple mediums into an amalgam of cohesive line of work, she's definitely one to watch out for. If you have ownership inquiries regarding a track we have featured, please contact us directly.
It reaches in and gets you right in the gut with that unique progressive delivery that ends up blooming through your ear drums. Also, please note that all music voluntarily submitted to B3SCI will be considered clear for posting on the website unless otherwise specifically noted by the sending party.

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