The edo period of Japan was enriched with samurai, tea ceremonies , and lavish life in traditional Japanese houses. Historyutiful and cheerful, Manami is the favorite child, loving as she was loved, and caring as she was cared for. History:she was born into a noble family that was assigned ruler of a village by the people, she was trained at a young age to be a ninja because her parents where to old to hope for a son. Personality: very laid back and withdrawn from the world, but every time he sees manami its like a turtle poking his head out of its shell and smiling. History: he was born into a ninja clan they started to train him when he was about 3 and has been trained by the best of his clan.

You just killed the nice deranged chick from the juice bar that I was gonna score with someday maybe! Fighting Style - Wing Chun, Taijiquan, Lai Tung Pai, Northern and Southern Praying Mantis, All Shaolin Boxing Styles, Yingzhaoquan, Kakushi Tsurugi no Fujin(Hidden Blade of The Wind God. Unique Abilities - Is incredibly flexible, has Yao Ming's wingspan, Can manipulate people with words..
History: She is the Tashekinia€™s family secret, she is kept in a dark room and forgotten, Aiko is her only friend, her other sister, Manami fears her because of inncident long ago. With Nobel men and pretty princesses, there is bound to be affairs, tragedies, and deception.

He was orphaned at the age of four, and was taken in by the assassin who killed his parents.
He later earned the reputation of being the best assassin in china, and has now come to Japan to for unknown reasons.
He has has taken up the name Kira Watanabe, assuming the identity of being Sosuke(A victim)'s older brother.

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