In part 1 of this series, I talked about the risks and the benefits of an advanced Qigong technique called the Small Universe.
Even if you got your hands on a manuscript, it wouldn’t have done you much good because the writing was intentionally vague.
So my goal is to contribute quality information on this subject, not for self-instruction, but for education, edification, and also for posterity. For those who know the following exercises, Three Levels to Earth and Lifting Heels are also excellent for helping to pave the way for future progress. Dan Tian Breathing is a fundamental Qigong technique where, not surprisingly, you breath energy with dan tian. Whereas Belly Breathing is mechanical, Dan Tian Breathing is energetic. At the end of the session, gently visualize a golden pearl of energy, full of vitality, at dan tian.
With this technique, we breathe energy down and up the Ren meridian (see part I of this article).   So we bring energy down to dan tian as we breathe in, and then back up as we breathe out. With Submerged Breathing, we sink the energy from dan tian down to hui yin, the energy point at the perineum. As you breathe in, gently bring the energy down the Ren channel from your nose to dan tian.
Closing visualization: At the end of the session, gently visualize a beautiful, full, silvery moon at the bottom of a lake at hui yin.
When you finally get the hang of Submerged Breathing, when you first feel the energy sinking down to hui yin, it’s a wonderful feeling.
As you breathe in, gently bring the energy down the Ren channel from your nose down to dan tian. As you breathe out, gently bring the energy from dan tian, down to hui yin, and then up to bai hui. In the learning stage, you’ll first breathe energy from hui yin up to ming men rather than bai hui. As you breathe in gently through the nose, your abdomen deflates and your chest inflates gently (the reverse of what we’ve been doing so far). As you breathe out gently through the mouth, your abdomen inflates and your chest deflates.
I typically have students practice Reverse Breathing for a while without worrying about the perineum, toes, or tongue. As you breathe in gently through the nose, the tip of your tongue touches the upper palate, your abdomen inflates, and the energy flows in to dan tian. As you breathe out gently through the mouth, your tongue relaxes, your abdomen deflates, and the energy flows from dan tian down to hui yin, up to bai hui, and out your mouth. Closing Visualization: Gently visualize a smooth, continuous flow down the Ren meridian and up Du meridian. In the past, were masters of other arts able to obtain the Small Universe without going through these methods?
These two articles have instilled in me the desire to learn the Small Universe when I’m ready for it. In the first exercise known as dantien breathing do create yang, yin or yuan chi with this technique? Is it necessary to build up energy at the huiyin via Submerged breathing prior to Forceful Small Universe? Our MissionI'm Sifu Anthony Korahais, and I help people young and old to discover the amazing healing powers of Qigong and Tai Chi. I think this is called above and beyond duty!, also the impression I get is of someone who has a deep deep understanding of qigong and a gift at teaching it. All of which means that if you are unable to learn Qigong directly from a Qigong master or suitably qualified instructor, then this course is the next best thing. Butterfly Dancing – Level 2, we’ll add the breathing and introduce some other skills that will help you to get better results from your practice. I’ll also introduce you to one of the most powerful tools in Qigong that hardly anybody knows about. Discover the only illness there is and how Qigong helps you to overcome it and protect you from experiencing it ever again. I’ll also give you a brief history of the Shaolin 18 Lohan Hands style of Qigong we’ll begin learning in this course. Theory wise I’ll share with you the 4 stages to mastery in any endeavor and we’ll look at the first pattern from the 18 Lohan Hands: Lifting the Sky. We will finish off our in depth exploration of PERFECT by looking at Form, Energy flow, Cosmic Balance and Time to complete. We will be looking at, learning and practicing Shooting Arrows Left Right – one of the trickier patterns of the 18 Lohan Hands, but great fun non the less. This pattern gives all the muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, spine, connective tissues and meridians running through this area a good relaxing stretch. Theory wise we’ll begin our exploration of what makes the difference between masters and students. We’ll be learning and practicing the pattern called Big Turn of the Cosmos – it’s an 8 on the TOM scale, so make sure your ready!
This pattern is excellent for a revitalising boost – caffeine hits and the resulting slump afterwards will become a thing of the past.
We will also be looking at part 2 of the ‘Route of the Masters’ and looking at creating a plan of action based on your aims and objectives for your practice.
We’ll be learning and practicing the pattern called Punching With Wide Eyes – I give this a 6 on the TOM scale, it’s great! This pattern is excellent for massaging and strengthening the Heart System which means it is a great pattern for those suffering from depression or who need to get rid of pent up anger and frustration.
We will also be looking at the final part of the ‘Route of the Masters’ and bringing everything together. We’ll be learning and practicing the pattern called Look Back to Carry The Moon – it’s another 6 on the TOM scale. This pattern is excellent for promoting youthfulness, enhancing the nervous system, gives the spine a gentle ‘work out’ and perhaps most importantly is excellent for cleansing the meridians.
This is definitely one of my most favourite patterns from the entire 18 Lohan Hands Qigong set. We’ll be learning and practicing the pattern called Reverse Hands Bend Waist, or Nourishing Kidneys as it’s better known – it’s 5 on the TOM scale. This pattern is excellent increasing vitality, and as a sub branch of the Kidney meridian goes to the brain and as such it is brilliant for the intellect. In fact when you read the list of benefits this pattern has it’s fair to wonder if there is nothing it can’t do!

We’ll be learning and practicing the pattern called 3 Levels To Ground – it’s another 6 on the TOM scale. This pattern strengthens the heart system which means it brings benefits to those suffering from depression.
We’ll be learning and practicing the pattern called Divine Crane Starts Dancing – this pattern is an 8 on the TOM scale, because it is quite physically and technically demanding.
This pattern channels energy to the legs, can help to overcome Kidney stones and a dull intellect. I’ll share with you the Ultimate trouble shooting guide and I’ll also share an e-mail with you that I sent to my teacher 8 years ago, the reply to which will be of great benefit to you. We’ll be learning and practicing the pattern called Second Son Carrying Carrying Mountains. This pattern is excellent for overcoming chronic back pain, developing powerful arms for marital artists and stimulates 4 of the 8 wondrous meridians. It is excellent for generating energy flow to the 8 secondary meridians and releases tension in the neck and shoulders. I’m also hoping, that by coming this far in the course you might have started contemplating learning directly from a Qigong teacher. I will also be presenting some of the scientific data available on the effectiveness of Qigong as a tool for helping you live a long and healthy life.
We’ll be learning and practicing the pattern called Green Dragon Separating Water and I’ve given it a 7 on the TOM scale.
This pattern works most on the Heart and Lung meridians which means that it is perhaps the best pattern of the 18 for helping to overcome depression. Theory wise I will share with you an important little exercise that I hope will help to shift your awareness in a very important part of your life. Plus I’ll introduce you to a simple technique that will really help you to speed up your results if you are practicing Qigong specifically to overcome illness. We’ll be learning and practicing possibly the hardest of the 18 Lohan Hands: Green Dragon Presenting Claws. This pattern is beneficial for those with diabetes, helps in overcoming digestive disorders and is good for overcoming worry and anxiety as it enhances the nervous system. We’ll be learning and practicing two patterns: Big Windmill Hand and Lift Heels Bend Knees.
Big windmill benefits the liver and the spleen systems, is beneficial for those with diabetes and is great for martial artists who want to develop internal force. No theory next week as I think you’ll have more than enough to keep you busy learning and practicing two patterns.
We’ll also be looking at what happens next with your practice and possible next steps that you might like to take as you continue your Qigong practice.
This bonus sound recording will allow you to practice and get deep experience of what a QSOM actually feels like. NOTE: This recording should not be used during your practice, otherwise you are cheating yourself out of aquiring this valuable skill. I should be able to contact you and ask you what results you want to get from your Qigong practice and why you want them.
It is this type of clarity that will put you head and shoulders above the majority of Qigong practitioners.
And I am the first to agree that if you want to learn high level Qigong and not just Qigong form, and get the best benefits from Qigong then you simply have to learn directly from a Qigong Master (preferably) or at least a competent instructor. Start by reading this guide.I wrote this guide to help you better understand what makes a good Qigong teacher.
I know from my own experience and the experiences of my students that Qigong is an effective treatment for restoring and maintaining health, vitality and longevity.
There is a mountain of data readily available on the Internet that shows that many of the claims of Qigong are indeed true and I invite you to do your own research. About MeHi Im Brian Colborne, I have been studying qigong in various forms since around 2004, I learnt Healing qigong from Master Andy Hu and Chen style taiji & qigong from Sifu Jun Ping Liang when I was in South Africa. Sifu Liang introduced me to some cool taoist practices that are simple yet profound, such as taoist meditation. Shifu Michael Rinaldini taught me to go within and most of the real meat and bones of qigong and daoist theory, in fact most of the content of this blog is a result of his homework assignments! It’s important to understand that, throughout 99% of the history of Qigong, the following techniques were kept a well-guarded secret. Why reveal the secrets now, especially after highlighting the dangers of practicing them without a master? Of course, those who have already learned the Small Universe from me will benefit greatly from this page, which will serve as a valuable review. Practicing them in the correct series allows us to safely and effectively induce the breakthrough of the Small Universe in a relatively short period of time. These two exercises from the 18 Luohan Hands help to bring the energy around the Ren and Du meridians.
Remember that everything must be super gentle — the breathing, the pressing and releasing of the hands, and the visualization. Visualize fresh cosmic energy coming in through the nose, down the Ren Meridian, and down to dan tian. Then, once you get the hang of that, you’ll breathe the energy from hui yin up to ling tai, the energy point in the middle of the back. The Small Universe, as I described in part 1 of this series, is a continuous flow of energy in an orbit down the Ren Meridian and then up the Du Meridian. Later you may experience what they call The Opening of the Five Petals.This opening is spontaneous, but may be gently induced with gentle visualization. I intentionally skipped the grey boxes because I don’t want to unwittingly introduce deviations to my practice, though. For example, if some master only practiced Golden Bridge, or Bagua Circle Walking, or One Finger Zen, could they also eventually obtain the real breakthrough? Could take me a few years, I’m still far from perfect with my current force training! When you visualize the air coming in through the nose, and cycle it through the small universe breathing, you visualize it going to the top of the head.
We’ll be using this a lot and you’ll be able to see the benefits of your practice for yourself when you use it. On the Tricky-’O’-Meter (TOM) you’ll be pleased to know that Turning Head is a 3 out 10.
The Qi flow generated by this pattern is excellent for massaging all of the internal organs and brings benefits if you have rheumatism, indigestion or diabetes.

It is also of benefit to the intestines, the eyes and for developing powerful punches in martial arts. I’ll introduce you to a helpful tool that will enable you to develop your own route to mastery. But perhaps most incredibly is that this pattern is very important for sexual health and functioning. Think of internal force as the energy that keeps you going all day long, feeling upbeat and alive. Though, I am confident that by now you are convinced of this by your own direct experience with Qigong.
The practice of Qigong is not something you do and then have faith that it’s going to work.
Performing a Qigong pattern, in a QSOM allows the practitioner to experience Qi Flow (the 2nd core skill). If you know what the target is for your practice, how much liklier do you think you are to reach it?
This bonus tool will help you to get that kind of clarity and with it improve the quality of your results. Because as soon as you start to take a look at what is available you’re bombarded with misleading advertising, confusing (often outrageous) claims and simply bad information.
He is one of those rare individuals who live the way so deeply as to be synonymous with it.
Although they were recorded in classics, those classics were incredibly difficult to acquire. And those who hope to someday learn the Small Universe from will be inspired by reading these secrets. To do it in a few days, even after 2-3 years of diligently practicing the basics, was unheard of.
So if you want to prepare yourself before learning the Small Universe, you may emphasize these techniques as well. It’s the difference between tapping into a flow of Cosmic energy, or just standing around and breathing for 20 minutes.
As I tell my students, I honestly don’t know how it works, but I know from experience that it does work.
In that case, you need to continue building energy at dan tian so that you have something to sink down to hui yin. But there are two gaps in the flow — one at the perineum, and one between the upper and lower jaw.
Gently grip your toes, lift your perineum, and touch the tongue to the roof of the mouth while breathing in. Meanwhile the flow of the Small Universe continuously round the ren and du meridians is realized.
When you understand these core principals you will better understand how Qigong works and why it is so powerful.
We’ll also be learning a very simple and powerful technique to help you increase your resistance to stress. Think of it as a shortcut that will help you to get the benefits of Qigong faster and easier. Which means that if you have problems with the Liver, Gall Bladder, diabetes, diarrhea, indigestion, constipation or anything gynecological – then this pattern may be of great benefit to you. Which means this pattern is extremely beneficial for those who suffer from frequent headaches and migraine. Well next week I will share a separate, short report that addresses that exact issue and give you clear guidelines as to what to look for. It is also great for opening up the meridians in the legs which allows negative Qi to be more efficiently drained through the feet and down into the ground. The final pattern we will be looking at, learning and practicing together is called Divine Crane Rotates Knees. And much to everyones amazement it is also excellent for enhancing sexual performance and increasing sexual enjoyment – amazing!
Because as your practice develops you want to be able to enter a QSOM as quickly as it takes you to smile. I’ve collected a random sample of scientific data available from the Internet on the effectiveness of Qigong. It’s an incredible technique, and I hope that you get the opportunity to learn it one day. Because we are directing Qi to a specific channel, the technique is much less forgiving of mistakes, which is yet another reason to learn it from a master.
You can build energy using Dan Tian Breathing, or other techniques like the Warrior Postures, One Finger Zen, Lifting Water, or the Three Circle Stance. It’s a bit like the mercury (or whatever they use these days) gradually rising in a thermometer. With this technique, we connect the upper gap by lifting the tongue to the upper palate, and the lower gap by lifting the muscles near the anus.
So once the breath is at du 20, and it is exhausted, do you then breath in to connect the cycle from du 20 to the nose? I’ve deliberately kept it short and to the point so as to make finding your ideal Qigong instructor as painless as possible.
If you can’t enter a QSOM then the results you get from your Qigong practice will be minimal. In a future article, I’ll talk about the Big Universe, and how it relates to the Small Universe. Simply, it would take an inbreath to connect du 20 to the nose, and then another inbreath from the nose down to the dan tian.
Learn the 2 most important words in Qigong that will help you to get the most from your practice. But if you put in the time and follow my instructions, you’ll be able to start cultivating those skills in double quick time. One of the simplest and most powerful patterns for helping to overcome depression, stress, worry and anxiety.

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