TI Beverage Group and its attorney, trademark licensor, and co-plaintiff Michael Machat are not drinking at the Yard House and nothing seems to be merry despite the consumption of tacos and alcohol.
Every year the NFL’s trademark attorneys aggressively send cease and desist letters to business using the term “Super Bowl,” threatening them with the trademark law equivalent of traumatic brain injury.
The dispute stretches back to 2012 when the Academy informed defendants that tickets to the Grammy awards were private, invitation only events and any unauthorized transfer or sale of the tickets was unlawful, would automatically void the tickets, and the ticket-holders would be deemed trespassers. In 2013, however, attorney Blakely reportedly sold his non-transferable tickets for between $65,000 and $89,500.
Stussy is accused of using a two-horse design trademark on a leather patch affixed to jeans and shirts that is confusingly similar to Levi’s registered trademarks. In a trademark infringement and counterfeiting lawsuit, Manolo Blahnik is asking the court to transfer control of websites selling counterfeit Manolo Blahnik shoes and accessories and to freeze Defendants’ assets and bank accounts. Members from both the CAS and CIA, as well as other professionals in the property and casualty industry, are invited to attend this rich program.
MOTOR NEURON PLASTICITY RESEARCH:My summer of work at the Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine's research lab was one of the most rewarding, hands-on research opportunities I have had.

Even churches are not granted sanctuary from NFL’s trademark and copyright infringement tentacles. This event is jointly sponsored by the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA). It will address various practical applications and insights across a broad spectrum of industries to foster cross-pollination and collaboration of loss reserving professionals no matter what area of discipline, geography, or sector they practice in. I will be speaking about the intersection of trade secrets with other forms of intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights.
Instead of battling for immunity under trademark fair-use laws, many businesses and advertisers engage in vocabulary gymnastics, e.g. The NFL even tried to prevent use of “The Big Game” by filing a USPTO trademark application, but the NFL was forced to abandon its trick-play when numerous colleges and businesses opposed the application. Each lab was given a different aspect to study, from the macroscopic rehabilitation to the microscopic work done in Dr. The highlight of the summer was a conference celebrating the work of neuroscience pioneer Dr.

Though it is a disease largely considered for its social implications, the lab I worked for focused on the physical aspects of schizophrenia in the brain.
They had the opportunity to use CT scan, PET scan, MRI scan, and Diffusion Tensor imaging in order to analyze schizophrenic subjects in comparison to controls. Though I knew little about these imaging techniques when I started out, I eventually became well versed in their techniques and how they show scientists different aspects of the brain. Radioactive tracers are injected into the subject's bloodstream and the colors on the scan represent the varied concentration of the tracer in the brain. Overall, the highlight of this experience was the opportunity to focus on statistical analysis and writing for scholarly journals.

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