More than 720 instructors and training centre staff attended IPAF Professional Development Seminars (PDS) covering 25 countries and 8 languages in the last few months.
The PDS is the annual event for IPAF certified instructors and ensures that they remain up-to-date with legislation and training. IPAFa€™s operator training programme is certified by TA?V as conforming to ISO 18878, and meets or exceeds ANSI standards and OSHA requirements.
Trainees complete theoretical and practical training, and must pass the written and practical tests before being issued a PAL Card (Powered Access Licence) as proof of successfully completed operator training. About the AuthorIPAF is the parent organization of North America's Aerial Work Platform Training (AWPT). The Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) is committed to preserving and promoting the masonry industry by providing continuing education, advocating fair codes and standards, fostering a safe work environment, recruiting future manpower, and marketing the benefits of masonry materials.
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If you like our free meeting agenda template, you are welcome to mention it on your blog, in a newsletter, on your website, etc. When I first got interested in schutzhund (in 1974) I went to every seminar on the sport that I could find.
Bernard Flinks is not only one of the best dog trainers I have ever met, he is also a gentlemen. What really got my attention with Bernhard was when he explained to the entire group that table training is crap. The real purpose for this article is to tell people that if you ever have an opportunity to attend a seminar by Bernhard Flinks you should jump at the chance. If you are interested in seeing one of the best instructors in the world in the sport of Schutzhund, give Greg Momonee a call (734-269-3427) His club is sponsoring a Bernhard Flinks seminar in Ann Arbor Michigan on the weekend of June 19 and 20, 1999. Through attending the event, instructors gain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points, necessary to maintain their IPAF instructor status.

This industry-led training programme is offered by leading manufacturers and rental companies, and requires that accredited partner training centres pass initial, annual and unannounced audits as part of the quality management system. Both are not-for-profit member organizations that promote the safe and effective use of powered access equipment. Simply choose between the table or outline style template, fill in the critical information and distribute prior to your meeting so that everyone is prepared for your vital business discussions. Back then all the seminar instructors came from Germany, there were certainly no Americans qualified to go out and teach.
It was one thing to know something about dog training and quite another to have your ego procede you into the room. Kevin and I went to Europe together in the fall of 1998, I had to film the Belgium Ring and Kevin had to compete with his police dog (CJ) in the International Police Dog Championships with Bernard in Germany. Kevin and I needed to film a training video on teaching police service dogs to search buildings.
He offered more solid down to earth training information in 3 days than all of the other German trainers I had seen in the early 1980's.Bernard trains all phases in drive. It was not so much that he has reinvented obedience training (no one is ever going to do that).
He emphasized the mistakes that so many people make by getting ahead of themselves in bite work.
This commitment to continuous learning is one of the unique features of the IPAF training programme.
Instructors are certified and undertake ongoing professional development which includes free annual updates to the training materials and educational workshops. Be sure to continue reading below for instructions on how to modify the agenda and to see several sample meeting agendas. Choose between the table or outline version, fill in the details and add your discussion items to help keep your meeting on topic and productive.
What he talked about concerning bite work made sense, but looking back it was basically a repeat of what Bernhard Mannel (and Conrad Most) had been saying for years.
I decided to do it the week before Bernard's seminar just to see what Kevin was talking about. This is why he has a 10-year-old dog that is coming in 2nd in International Police Dog Championships. I can guarantee you that once word gets out about his training skills the seminars he teaches will be filled months in advance. I started going to schutzhund seminars in 1974 and this Flinks seminar was the best I had ever attended!!
As the years passed I began to tire of the arrogance of guys like Helmute Riaser and Fritz Biehler. Everyone (including myself) was duly amazed that a dog would run all six blinds even though he knew the helper was standing in the sixth blind. The only problem was Bernhard (who is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, and certainly not cast from the same mold as these others) could barely speak English.
When I try and describe Bernhard to people I say, "This is the kind of person you would like to have as your best friend." That pretty much says it all.

Kevin could not say enough about a German Police Officer (Bernhard Flinks) who took second place with his police dog Pako. Once you can accomplish this you can easily understand that the only way to train dogs is through drive. It's the small points of fine tuning timing, compulsion and drive that makes the difference between a good trainer and a great trainer. He did not go into genetics but did talk about and demonstrate the finer points of setting the grip. I believe he (unlike myself) demonstrated how to get his honest opinion across without offending anyone. Much of what Bernard had to offer was lost in the translation of what he was trying to say. His dogs follow him around (barely) and look like they would rather be back in the kennel than doing something with Helmute.
Kevin said he knew that Bernhard was good when several German police dog handlers came and got him just before Bernhard was to compete with Pako.
There are other trainers selling books and videos on training through drive, but the contents of these books does not come close to what Bernhard does on a daily basis. A calm full grip is the result of a dog that has a clear understanding of every step of bite training. I found myself asking, " who do these guys think they are?" They treated Americans like a pack of rabid dogs with billfolds full of cash. The fact is Biehler was a good trainer who enjoyed showing off his dog, (I actually had a chance to put on an old body suite and do a run away from Enno Antreftal (the 1974 Bundessieger). He would spend 5 minutes answering a question and the interpreter took 30 seconds to translate.
The Germans said that he had to watch the performance of this 10-year-old police dog (who Kevin said looked like a 6 year old dog). Once the dog understands his job and how to reach his drive goal his grip is going to be calm. It became a status symbol to own one of Biehler's cast off dogs, none of whom ever amounted to a hill of beans. Unfortunately the training information that Beihler offered in a 3-day seminar could have filled a 20-minute videotape.
Before Kevin left Germany he made arrangements for Bernhard to come to the states to do a seminar at his schutzhund club.
He also pointed out dogs with problems that resulted from being rushed through training and missing a solid foundation.

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