Frank's Marine LLC -        Boat Care Tips    One of the most important aspects of boat care is proper lubrication. Simplifying life isn’t just about getting rid of clutter, it’s about clearing your schedule, finding focus, removing debt and so much more. With proper care and the right mix of products you can extend the life of your engine and prevent expensive repairs, and best of all, you can do most of this maintenance yourself.
Joshua Becker does a great job in telling us which areas are the most important to get the life you desire. No engine manufacturer backs their oil and lubricants with a longer or more extensive warranty.

If your engine is damaged because of the quality of a Sierra lubricant we will pay for parts and labor to repair, plus we pay for incidental expenses like haul-out and towing. Sierra offers the best warranty in the marine business, hands down!    Second, Sierra offers the widest variety of oils on the market to match your engine’s needs. Our oils are blended to the same high standards as the OEM oils and meet the same FC-W and TC-W3 certification standards. This product is developed for the marine environment and will out perform standard 4-cycle automotive engine oils. Sierra’s 25W-40 oil offers excellent detergency, anti-oxidants, antiwear, and corrosion protection.The benefits to your engine are reduced wear to the internal components, protection of internal parts from corrosion, cleaner pistons, and prevention of ring sticking.

We are committed to providing your boat with the very best in engine protection with premium, application-specific oil filters.
Our dedication is backed by substantial, ongoing research in filtration media, filter design and manufacturing processes.
As a result, Sierra oil filter designs represent the very best of what we have learned after decades of research and development.

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