Where do you stand when your heart and your head start to tango, leaving you awkwardly in the middle?
This printable tool guides kids through six stages so they can be thoughtful and confident about their decisions.
Filed Under: Blog, Character Building Activities, Plant Love Grow Resources About Elaheh BosElaheh Bos is the founder of Plant Love Grow, a resource site that creates tools to help parents, teachers and health professionals. Hello friends ~ I am a mother of three and author passionate about sharing ways parents can grow alongside their little ones. We begin to look forward to the upcoming year and create resolutions in hopes of bettering our lives.
She is a passionate public speaker, an artist, author and entrepreneur who believes in our innate capacity to bloom.

She loves to write books, create new journals and collaborate on different projects with amazing people. Instead, we should address the habit clearly that we want to work on and focus on that alone until we accomplish it, and then move onto the next thing that we wish to change.Keep Yourself From Getting Too ExcitedIt’s actually surprisingly great to hold back some of your excitement to change so you don’t get burned out too quickly. For example, if you’re really excited to start working out and you push yourself too hard at once, you’ll burn yourself out and you won’t be able to maintain your motivation.Be MindfulBad habits are sometimes done absentmindedly. If you want to change that habit, make sure you are mindful to where your hands are at all times so you won’t have the urge to bite your nails. After doing this for a while, you’ll stop doing things absentmindedly and you’ll begin to break your habitReward YourselfRewarding yourself is a classic case of positive reinforcement. Whatever your goal is, rewarding yourself for improving will give you the motivation to continue.Create a Trial Time FrameThe first week of making a change in your life will be the hardest, but the next two aren’t going to be easy, either.

Sharing your resolutions and the positive changes that you’re making can actually help you stick to it, even if you’re only telling a few people.
Once you’ve told others, it will make your commitment more real and you’re more likely to keep trying, even if it gets tough to manage. It’ll be harder for you to stop your bad habit because you’ll go through withdrawal, and you’ll lose the willpower to continue without the habit.Attempting Too Many Resolutions at OnceThere may be many aspects of your life that you want to change, but trying to do them all at once will only lead to frustration and a lack of focus.
It’s OK to have a lot of resolutions, but make sure you tackle one at a time in order to accomplish them.Just Put One Foot in Front of the Other Don’t be afraid to take your time making these changes.

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