Getting familiar with what the course is all about, class routines, expectations of the course and the teacher, general administration of class, and safety are all important issues to know and understand. It is important that students feel comfortable with the above points and should know what is happening in the course. Start by creating a full page basic sketch of your dream house showing doors, windows, levels, landscape, driveway, background, etc.
Imagine you are a new illustrator assistant of a residential developer and the boss would like you to use your experience and creativity to draw him a dream house concept to be used as a design idea to help the architects.
The dream house you are to create must have the basic necessities such as a door, windows accompanied with landscape, sky, moon or sun, trees, bushes, driveway, etc. Review the principles of design, which include major concepts such as; contrast, emphasis, balance, unity, pattern, movement, and rhythm.
Meanwhile during class, take some time to experiment with Illustrator tools, creating some basic shapes, make parts of the house, use different tools demonstrated and practiced in class to use with your dream house creation.
Once you have completed your sketch and have practiced with Illustrators tools start a new web profile file 1024*768 and set-up guides, grid, ruler, etc.
When you have drawn the basic house, some foreground and background, then you will need to organize your layers by naming them and putting them in the appropriate order so that they are viewed properly. Fill the page so that your use of "space" creates a nice balance and remember to review and apply your principals and elements of design. When you are close to finished have two peers give their input and make any improvements as needed.
Being creative in Cyber Arts you will need to learn and exercise a creative design process.

Using a creative design process, start with a minimum of 5 different thumbnail sketches showing onomatopoeias. Review what thumbnails are, as you will need to graphically sketch those ideas on paper prior to starting your two final designs. You will need to follow a process that should become habit when creatively designing something from scratch. Sketch a minimum of 5 different onomatopoeic thumbnail ideas filing a full page showing details, effects, and notes. Using Illustrator, working with one idea at a time, create your onomatopoeia using the above type tools practiced and demonstrated with earlier. Final ideas will be evaluated for creativity, technicality, and the use of elements and principles of design. It is common for businesses and individuals to want to associate themselves with unique or personal "markings".
These are some old samples to give you an idea of what is to be done, but these samples were done by lower grade level and a different program.
Take the following steps to successfully create your logo design and implement it into the three major presentation mediums. Remember use your layers and grouping objects and to make use of appropriate tools, colours, effects, fills, etc.
You will also want to keep in mind the elements of design which include; line, shape, form, colour, value, texture and space. Try to include perspective with your own creative design, showing your use of the many colours, patterns, brushes, gradients, text tools that illustrator has.

Start by naming your layers and drawing your house components starting with the largest parts working to the smaller details. Using the right search terms, you can download free illustrator swatches, patterns, gradients, styles, brushes, etc. This is the perfect opportunity to work with some of illustrator's tools to come up with an awesome design. While it is quite true that you are not a "brand," you are actually an individual with a self-perceived identity. You might want to check out some illustrator logo tutorials to see some of the possiblities are prior to coming up with your designs.
For this reason you will have the opportunity to experiment and make what you think your dream house should look like. If you find some great resources, save them to the Hand-in folder, under the appropriate folder, and the instructor will then provide them in the Pick-up Folder for all to use. As a student in graphic communications you have the design knowledge and illustration tools required to express that identity in a quick, simple image logo and attach it to different mediums.

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