Every business professional has a responsibility to write, whether it's drafting emails or important documents.
Business professionals understand the degree of etiquette necessary for certain writing tasks through repeated communication.
This blunder happens frequently in written communication, but incorrect word use, especially if it's continuous, could seriously harm the trustworthiness of a writer. Along the road to success, you’ll probably encounter a few bumps and possibly some detours, especially when you consider the fact that every project has limits on time, cost and performance that you must deal with. But you may be engaged in some other not-so-obvious actions that could get you fired just as easily. The fact that your organization doesn’t block social media sites isn’t an open invitation to spend half the day checking your Facebook news-feed. It can be difficult to tell who dreads disciplinary action more: the manager or the employee. Every day you strive to protect, control, and maintain your organization’s financial health while doing everything you can think of to increase your levels of security and accountability. If bills must go to the department first, emphasize the importance of having the department send the approved bill to you promptly for payment.
Make sure your staff understands the chart of accounts and can easily determine if invoices are coded properly. Enter data into the computer directly from the invoice, not from worksheets or data entry forms. Have suppliers who mail frequent small invoices send you one monthly summary statement instead of separate invoices. Have employee expense payments included with the payroll check or done as a direct deposit to the employee’s bank. Consider having employees pay for dues, subscriptions and expenses under $300 (or some similar amount) and request reimbursement on an expense report. Before setting up a new file, check against the master vendor list to ensure that two files are not set up for the same supplier (for example, IBM and International Business Machines). Setting up sorting bins by alphabetical or vendor number range makes filing faster, easier and less prone to errors.
While the back and forth communication these employees maintain can be rushed and limited to quick correspondences between meetings or speedy responses at the end of the day, it's important people keep a level of professionalism in their messages. In first emails to clients or acquaintances, it's smart to be slightly more formal just to test the water. Although this habit may not stand out in shorter formats like email, repetition is more noticeable in longer documents and can draw attention to the poor quality of certain reports.

Yet, to fellow writers and editors, subject and verb discordance can be glaringly obvious examples of poor execution. Do you feel like you have to multitask so often that nothing is getting done at your personal best?
It is an important ingredient of successful organizations, and for that reason it’s important for everyone to work successfully with one another. These three items are the “triple threat” constraints of every project, and each one may have a different priority level on each new project you tackle. If you are facing expanding workloads, tighter deadlines, and increased pressure to perform at work — you’re not alone! Consistently not showing up, cursing out the boss, or sleeping at your desk are surefire ways to guarantee your spot in the unemployment line. While most organizations tolerate an occasional Facebook check, neglecting your job due to social media sites is sure to get you fired.
If you’re frustrated with a coworker or your boss, you may want to keep your negative thoughts to yourself.
Waiting Too Long: whether it is out of simple dread or a desire to see a problem as short-term and not worth addressing, waiting too long to address problematic behavior is an avoidable error.
Using a Nonprogressive Approach: This can stem from the error noted above of waiting too long, which leads to the manager’s built-up frustration or anger. Discipline as Punishment: Managers impose discipline on employees and expect that these negative sanctions will result in positive behavior change. Approaching Discipline as a Conflict: This approach sets the stage for a power struggle and a situation where someone will lose. You understand that a solid internal control system is essential for sound financial management.
Make sure everyone knows the day, as well as when you need the check request or invoice in order to include the check in the next run. This eliminates the need for purchase orders on low cost items and still provides for management approval of the purchase.
Within each batch, file documents alphabetically by vendor name, vendor number or check number.
Older files should go to storage until they are no longer needed for tax purposes — then they should be destroyed.
Using the response as a template for decorum, people can then write to the same severity as their associate.
Before sending an email or publishing a document, writers should spell check and correct their work using software or peer editing.4.

While modifying clauses can often be confusing to business professionals, it's important to remember that plural nouns and verbs go together, as do singular subjects and actions.
Before sending correspondence, business professionals should look over their writing one last time to avoid imprecise wording.Writing mistakes are often small and although some may go undetected, communication errors can harm the credibility of a business professional. These valuable strategies and time-saving techniques will have you feeling like you’re back in control and making the best of your workday. Effective teamwork doesn’t just happen—it takes good problem-solving skills, decision making, communication and interpersonal skills. Make sure to familiarize yourself with your company’s social media or Internet usage policy to make sure you’re within the boundaries. Telling your boss that he or she has no idea what they’re doing, even if it’s true, is sure to land you in hot water. Taking a vacation in the middle of a big project will not only damage your reputation, it will hurt the rest of your team. Spreading gossip will not only hurt someone’s feelings, it could hurt your chances of keeping your job. While you should always respect your supervisor, be on your best behavior when his or her boss is around. The manager then has a “last straw” reaction and issues a severe disciplinary action for something that, from the employee’s perspective, hasn’t been previously addressed. Instead, approach discipline as an interactive conversation with the mutual goal being the employee’s success.
You also realize that if there are holes in your internal control structure, you and your organization could face damaging consequences — from a breach in security to severe regulatory violations.
If the item is put on a credit card, the employee will be reimbursed before he or she must pay the bill.
Addressing problems immediately sets the expectation within your team of acceptable behavior. It is a good idea to put a cross-reference card under the other name or old name (for firms that have changed them).

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