Here in this section, you can find your favorite class here, if you feel that job questing is adventurous and enjoyable to you. First job class characters have specialized skills that are specific to the job they choose.
In Ragnarok Online, each 1st Class job is split into two paths, totaling twelve 2nd Class jobs that players can choose from. Rebirth Class jobs are jobs that can only be gained by dying and then reborn with the blessing of a Valkyrie. Expanded Classes are a set of new playable character classes which, while they can't be taken as far as regular characters (ie: cannot transcend), they provide a unique play experience that is sure to be refreshing to new and experienced players alike.
Skills: Soul Strike -- A powerful slashing attack, Chaos Shield -- Move at rapid speeds to avoid being attacked.

The rewards for doing the job change are official headgear, an accessory and more power to gain (for 3rd job classes).
After obtaining level 9 of the Basic Skills skill, players may change their profession to a first job class.
Once reborn, players will progress through an advanced version of 1st Class jobs to arrive at their new Rebirth Class job. Because of the nature of Expanded Classes, none of these classes are expected to be able to transcend in the future.
Certain people of great hearts will one day be able to weild the magnificent power of the keyblades. The one exception to this rule is the Supernovice class, which additionally requires that the character be at least base level 45.

From here, players can choose to either remain a Rebirth-ed or take the next step to 3rd Class. The maximum job level for first job class characters is 50, except for Gunslinger and Ninja for which it is 70 and Supernovice for which it is 99.

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