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SkillPath Corporate Strategies Business Writing and Grammar Skills training course will provide employees with a wealth of shortcuts, easy-to-remember tips and insiders’ secrets to help them produce first-class business correspondence, overcome their doubts about business writing and have fun in the process. We conduct quality evaluations after each training day to ensure your complete satisfaction. Employees will learn practical techniques and skills that will help them accomplish more in less time -- with impressive results! The changes between Office 2007 and 2010 are not nearly as complicated as the changes between Office 2003 and 2007. Now more than one person can work in the same document, on different computers, at the same time! SkillPath Corporate Strategies’ training course Mastering the Art of Technical Writing will train your employees to translate complex scientific, medical or technical information into simple, easy-to-follow documents and reports that educate and entertain.

Micromanagers just can’t let go of the details and, as a result, drive their employees and peers batty with their nit-picking, overzealous personalities. If you work for or with a my-way-or-the-highway manager, you have a very real problem on your hands.
Micromanagers over-control for different reasons—and usually none have a thing to do with you. Browse through our carefully selected, specially priced books, audios, DVDs, software and CBT programs.
Here’s their chance to work smarter by learning how to track work activities and set Calendar and message options.
The Ribbon is still in use, and most of the commands are where you would expect them to be. A micromanager can chip away at your self-confidence, deplete your motivation and sabotage your success.
They skip the fluff and pinpoint the essentials you need for effective self-paced learning. They’ll find out how much easier it is to perform everyday duties faster when they know how to manage tasks, share folder information and locate Outlook items.

This training course also includes a review of the basics of technical writing—including formatting, grammar and how to properly word documents to avoid mistakes.
I’m talking about the stifling and extremely inefficient management style known as micromanaging. We’ll even show them how to customize Outlook and turn it into their own personal information manager. This training course will teach your employees the new functions in Word and Excel that will make their work easier, quicker and more professional looking. Whatever the reason, micromanagers are rampant in the workplace: A recent workplace survey suggested four out of five professionals have experienced micromanaging first-hand.

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