Vehicle handling and control: Understand correct steering, braking and gear choice with a 4x4 vehicle off road.
Side slopes: Maximum safe angles a 4x4 off road vehicle can safely traverse over a variety of terrains. Cross axle: Recognise situations where your 4x4 vehicle may become cross axled and find an effective alternative.
Hill Climbs: Learn how to make the best approach at hill climbs and what to do if your first attempt fails.
Hill Descent: Learn the techniques of a safe controlled descent with an off road 4x4 vehicle on all surfaces. Recovery: Understand the potential dangers to allow you to perform a safe recovery of a 4x4 off road vehicle.

Self recovery: Learn to recover the vehicle if there is no one else around to help using items such as Sand ladders, high lift jacks and shoveling. Vehicle preparation: Ensure your off road 4x4 vehicle won't let you down by carrying out effective vehicle preparation.
Ground assessment: Learn how to read the ground and identify any potential dangers before driving. Navigation: Gain basic navigation techniques such as map reading, compass and other skills to help you find your way off road.
Health and safety: all aspect of off road driving at Wood Park Off Road will make you aware of any health and safety concerns. Off-road driving best practices: Learn how to enjoy off road 4x4 driving but also be considerate for the countryside and other countryside users (horses, walkers).

4x4 Accessories: We can discuss and demonstrate various accessories to 4x4 off road driving such as sand ladders, winches, diff locks, turfor winches, fiddle brakes. We have assisted companies in seven different industries to achieve sales excellence, increase market share, increase sales, and improve margins.

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