There is scope for plenty of lively discussion around the choices made and also about what the manager’s job entails. A Power Point presentation is included as an example, but can also be printed out to use in some of the additional activities described. I have approached the activity as a practical introduction to measurement, rather than an introduction to formulas.
In addition to supporting students in gaining competency and fluency in the above mentioned skills, we also need to emphasize QUALITY work. In an effort to support teachers and have a handy list for students when creating tutorials, I created the following checklist. Educational Keynotes, Presentations, Workshops, Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring in the area of Modern Learning & Literacies, Globally Connected Learning, Blogging as Pedagogy, Digital Portfolios, iPads in the Classroom.

Information literacy lens on the Vitae Researcher Development Framework using the SCONUL Seven Pillars of Information Literacy. Stephen Abram is a librarian and principal with Lighthouse Consulting Inc., and executive director of the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries. Improve students understanding of basic computer file structure and practise creating files and saving into specific folders.
You will also need to establish criteria before they start to collect their data so that like for like houses are being compared. Too many student-created tutorials, lack depth of content knowledge and more emphasis seemed to have been placed on using a specific tool rather than showing evidence of learning.
They were produced in collaboration with other key bodies including SCONUL and the Research Information Network.

We have talked about the qualities and the steps to making a quality tutorial, but your post and PDFs are great reinforcement and visual cue. The next session looks at the cost of the theatre ticket and finding out the change you would have from a given amount again researching the theatre on the internet.
Extension questions incorporate division in the final question and I intend that students will approach it using the subtraction method or written methods that result in a remainder.

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