Practical Business Ideas - Small Scale Startup Business Opportunities For Beginners in 2016: Is Fish Farming Really Profitable? I have come across several questions popped up on online forums about how lucrative fish farming really is.
Funny enough, these questions generally lead to debates which are led by uninformed users who may not even be practicing fish farmers. Bottom line is this, fish farming is very LUCRATIVE but if you would need to be cost-responsible for all the assets before starting your fish farm, you may never make any decent profit on your fish farming investment in your first production.
Some people may argue, 'What of if I increase the size of my production say from 1,000 fish to 5,000 fish?

So if you're planning to acquire a loans with outrageous interest rate to start your fish farming investment with the innocent hope of paying back in full after your first production, please look before you leap. Questions such as "how profitable is fish farming?" "Is fish farming more lucrative than poultry?" "Do you make money in fish farming" etc tends to come from prospective individuals who are looking at setting up a fish farming business. Understand that you need at least 2-3 cycles of production before you start making good returns which is after completely offsetting the cost of some of these assets. Take this down, whatever you increase will translate to a higher cost of building ponds and feeding fish. In Spain this meal is called pescaito frito that means fried fish, a typical spanish pub food.

A fish farmer builds an earthen pond at #50000, buys 1,000 pieces of fingerling at #15 each and used an average of #250 to rear them to adult size when he sells off at #450-#500 per KG of live weight. They are often elated about their returns which seems bounteous until you start removing the cost of constructing the ponds, water management etc.

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