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I tried listening to the audiobook of this but I ultimately had to abandon it because the graphic description of the foot binding literally made me sick to my stomach.
Enter your email address to subscribe to Good Books And Good Wine and receive notifications of new posts by email. While the feet binding parts made me sick to my stomach, the history teacher in me was like YES! The dynamics between having many acquintances and just one close friend are examined in the dichotomy of the sworn sisters and the laotong bond.

I remember driving home listening to it and my commute is about an hour and the description of it seemed to go on for my entire commute. I felt like I learned so much about Chinese culture, which was wonderful, but it also made me realize how little I knew to begin with. When the diviner and the matchmaker examine her feet, they decide she is destined for better things, such as a match with a laotong, old same, which is a lifetime match held above even marriage vows.
Which also plays into class, as the lower classes have sworn sisters and the upper class has laotong. We see for most of the novel Lily and Snow Flower have a harmonious relationship, each learning from the other. I just worried with how descriptive and drawn out it was, it seemed like that was going to be a major part of the book.
What unfolds over Snow Flower And The Secret Fan by Lisa See is a lifetime of friendship, replete with secrets, betrayals, and love.

However, Snow Flower ends up really hurting Lily which then goes into how much a friendship can truly handly and endure. We see in this novel that women at the time pretty much have no worth at all, they are beholden to others. Then we also see how a woman’s worth is calculated in the way that she looks, in how small her golden lilies aka her feet are.

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