This soccer roster template contains worksheets to handle creating a team roster, game and snack schedule, a printable lineup sheet, a game stats worksheet and shot chart as well as a way to keep some overall stats.
The game schedule is included on the roster sheet, making a handy 1-page printout to share with parents. When you come up with a particularly good lineup, you can create a copy of that sheet for reference later. Coach Resources for AYSO at - Includes an official printable line-up card that you can edit on your computer (an editable PDF file).
Women’s soccer head coach Dan Weiler stepped down on March 5 after 11 seasons with the program. When Weiler came to Concordia College in 2002, he was the assistant coach for the women’s soccer team.
Before coming to Concordia, Weiler coached soccer at Fargo South High School from 1999 to 2006. Though Weiler’s impact on Concordia’s soccer program can be seen through the scoreboards, it shows even more through the women’s attitudes toward the sport and toward themselves. By encouraging a positive mindset, team togetherness, commitment, and encouraging selflessness, Weiler was able to create a successful soccer program. When Weiler first came to Concordia, he said he was surprised by how involved the school was with the athletic program. As Weiler starts his new head-coaching job at Christopher Newport University, Concordia will be on the lookout for another head coach. Even though the team doesn’t want Weiler to leave Concordia, they wish him nothing but success.

As Weiler starts his new position at Christopher Newport University on March 17 and the women’s soccer team starts their search for a new head coach, both will be headed into unchartered territories.
Whether you're a soccer mom or soccer dad, you'll likely be asked to be a team manager, team parent, assistant coach, referee, assistant referee, and maybe even a coach.
At each substitution ("quarters" in AYSO), I can just let the kids look at the lineup instead of having to shout their positions a hundred times and remind them where "left midfield" is. In AYSO, the center referee marks who is scoring the goals, but that information doesn't get passed back to the coaches, so the coaches need a way to track this for themselves. Just be careful and get buy-in from all the parents on your soccer team before creating an online team roster. Though I don't know of a way to link to it, Apple's Numbers program includes a pretty good youth soccer roster template. Weiler has accepted a head coaching position at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Va. He earned North Dakota Coach of the Year honors in 1999 and was a finalist for the National Girl’s High School Coach of the Year in 2002.
He said his favorite way of doing this was by playing light-hearted pranks on the women with the help of their teammates.
This process is very important for the program to continue its success, and Weiler hopes the women will be a part of the search. I'll admit that as a youth soccer coach, I'm a bit scatter-brained and I rely heavily on my printed lineup sheet during games so that I can keep track of who is supposed to be where on the field. Still, make sure to follow the instructions within the spreadsheet when setting up the lineup sheet, especially if you need to change the number of players.

Not only that, but the sheet creates 4 copies of the lineup form, so you can keep a copy and give a copy to your assistant coach for keeping track of goals.
Weiler announced on March 5 that he would be stepping down as head coach to take a position with the Christopher Newport University women’s soccer team in Newport News, Va. To help with the admin tasks and coaching, I ended up creating the soccer team roster template listed below.
Creating the lineup in the soccer roster template also makes it easy to print an extra copy to give to my assistant coach. After you set it up the first time, creating a lineup for a game just involves selecting names from drop down boxes for each position. Throughout my time at Concordia I've been involved in Habitat For Humanity, the Concordian and am currently involved in the up and coming Family Weekend Committee. Other than doing school work, I enjoy reading, watching tv, and hanging out with my lovely fellow cobbers. I grew up in Germany and have lived in South Carolina, Nebraska and Minnesota for the past three years.

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