Kris Kringle, seemingly the embodiment of Santa Claus, is asked to portray the jolly old fellow at Macy's following his performance in the Thanksgiving Day parade. Premier Soccer Coaching provides safe, fun and enjoyable football coaching for boys and girls of all abilities. All of our courses are open to children aged between 4 and 14 and are tightly structured with players supervised at all times.
All of our coaches share a passion for this great game and this is transferred through to all of our players.
As a soccer coach your role is to change the environment to facilitate what you want the kids to develop or learn. Training sessions written by the best soccer coaches in the best league in the world are now available in two new books. All of these sessions, originally published in Elite Soccer magazine, are written by professional coaches fromt he English leagues. Elite Soccer is published in partnership with the League Managers Association (LMA) representing all professional soccer managers in the English leagues. Elite Soccer helps thousands of ambitious coaches across the globe improve their performance and achieve new levels of success with their team. Elite Soccer: The Collectors' Series gives you training sessions conducted by managers at the highest levels of the game so they are not for everyone. If you are the kind of coach who wants a complete catalogue of professional coaching sessions, order the print format and take it to every training session - you'll always have a session you can use to coach a particular skill or match scenario.
72 professional coaching sessions across two books(36 per book) from the biggest names in English soccer – keep reading for a complete list of the coaches featured.
Easy to follow, step-by-step explanations and colour illustrations showing you exactly what to do to recreate professional coaching sessions with your team. An easy-to-use index that helps you identify the best session to solve your specific coaching problem. Each comprehensive coaching session lasts around an hour – just like the pros themselves do. The session is about defensive organisation, and specifically two points: depth control and double marking. Jose Mourinho‘s session is developed in 8 diagrams looking at facets of defending including defensive areas, depth control and when to press.
In addition, they are a team who like to play out from the back, pushing their full-backs on to create genuine width. Harry Redknapp's session enabled his team to restrict Chelsea to just one clear-cut goalscoring chance in the entire match. If you are the kind of coach who wants a complete catalogue of professional coaching sessions, order the print format and take it to every training session – you’ll always have a session you can use to coach a particular skill or match scenario. You can also now access your PDFs on an iPhone or iPad, so you can use them at training straight away!
Take a look at this session from Elite Soccer to see exactly what we’ve done to make our sessions as easy to use as possible.
I'm so confident you'll agree that these books are the best out there that they come with my no-risk, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you've ever wondered what top professional soccer managers do to bring out the best in their players, wonder no longer. I have been a Division I college coach for 15 years and have a fairly extensive library of resources and it had been probably 3 years or so since I had bought anything new. You get sessions from different coaches, like Sir Alex Ferguson in the Premier league to coaches in League 2, and all are great sessions. We are switching to zonal defending with a back four after many years of running with a sweeper. As I have been using and applying the content from this collection I have recommended it to other coaches who have asked where I get the content and organization for our training sessions. Overall, the Elite Soccer: The Collectors' Series has helped improve the performance of our teams as well as allowed us to be more competitive. His portrayal is so complete many begin to question if he truly is Santa Claus while others question his sanity. Stankovich, an expert in the field of athletic counseling and human performance, has authored hundreds of articles and been featured in numerous television programs, including several appearances on ESPN.
Before you manipulate field sizes, games, and technical drills you first must know what your teaching and  if it is age appropriate .
You cannot get sessions from the best coaches and managers in the English leagues anywhere else! These two books will bring you and your team closer to the professionals – think of them as your golden ticket to the training grounds of the best clubs in the English Premier League.
Or perhaps you like to plan ahead and pick out individual sessions for a training exercise; in that case the PDF format will be perfect for you.
You'll get sessions on attacking, defending, possession, set pieces, goalkeeping and fitness. It’s the variety and authority that you and your players demand from your coaching sessions. The complexity comes through the fundamentals of team tactics, but this session offers a strict template on which we can build.
We examine distances and movement between defenders in protecting against attacking crosses arriving from the flanks. Where clubs are listed, this is the coach's club at the time of writing their session for Elite Soccer. Harry's session explains how he prepared his QPR side for a vital Barclays Premier League match away to then UEFA Champions League holders Chelsea on January 2 2013.
At the other end, Shaun Wright-Phillips's 78th-minute goal secured victory and shows how you can come out on top against sides with more gifted players. But if the best manager in the world gave you a session plan that you couldn’t understand it would be worthless. They also try to relate it to a passage of play you might have seen on tv or could find on the internet to see the pay-off in a match. Every team has different requirements, make the session work for yours by increasing or decreasing the difficulty.
Avoid any confusion with an explanation of the graphics used on the diagrams, making even complicated learning scenarios easy to follow.

These sessions are coaching gold–dust but we are able to offer them to you at a fantastically affordable price.
Buy them today and if you don't agree that the sessions are fantastic or you don't see any improvement in your players after using them I'll refund you every penny of your purchase – no questions asked. It has given me access to new sessions and ideas and is a quick tool to use for a session if I am stuck for time preparing the night before my training.
I looked at Elite Soccer: The Collectors' Series as an opportunity to get fresh perspectives from some of the top Managers and Coaches in the EPL over the winter. I have been pleased with what Elite Soccer: The Collectors' Series has provided me and my staff this spring and look forward to its usefulness when we get back for our regular championship season in August. No matter what age you coach there is something for every coach in these manuals and plenty for your players to learn. I was familiar with the coaches that were submitting practice plans, but still a little hesitant of spending the money. I choose the book form because it is an easy reference tool for me that is right on my desk. Having all the various training sessions and methods used by world class coaches and having the different perspectives provides a more in-depth understanding, as well as a more clear and concise way to explain and apply these in our own trainings. We have definitely improved our winning record and provided a more structured way of training.
We believe our courses help build self esteem and confidence in all of the children who attend.
You’d be amazed how many coaching books miss this vital element that makes the sessions so much easier to understand.
From just £37, you can buy one book and if you buy both at once, prices start at just £67!
I wanted to be able to bring some newness to my team's training once we got back outside for our spring season. I really have enjoyed the collection and I like the way the sessions are organized at the beginning of the magazine.
I used a session on preparing the back four by Owen Coyle, and balancing the back four by Andy Thorn.
Who else can offer you coaching sessions written by Ferguson, Moyes, Redknapp, McLeish, Hodgson, Holloway, Pardew and more for just £67?
I go to plan my practice and then look inside the cover to see what this collection has to offer. Stankovich and Advanced Human Performance Systems are proud to offer a selection of their materials streaming online. Don't get me wrong it very fulfilling and enjoyable to give back to kids what you received as a child. As much as you may want to have a drill book or a systematized practice plan it will not serve the purpose.

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