Children who play video games for less than an hour daily are more sociable than their peers, a new Oxford University study suggests.
Researchers found that children and teens who played video games for less than hour daily were better adjusted to the society than children who didn't play videogames and those who played for more than three hours. The effect of video-games, researchers maintain, is minor as compared to other factors such as personal relationships and socioeconomic status. The researchers found that children who played videogames for less than an hour were more likely to be sociable. Ryuu – The Game® can be purchased with check or purchase order using the downloadable order form, or it can be purchased by clicking on the link above to PayPal.

Ryuu – The Game® is a collection of social skills card games and learning activities, inspired by Yu-Gi-Oh! The Ryuu games employ a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy approach to teaching communication skills, which makes them ideal for therapists, school teachers, and parents to use when working with children and teenagers.
These children had fewer problems with their peers than those who played for more than three hours evryday and those who didn't play video games at all. However, high levels of video game-playing appear to be only weakly linked to children's behavioural problems in the real world.
All of them were asked about their video-game playing habits as well as about their relationships with their peers.

Likewise, the small, positive effects we observed for low levels of play on electronic games do not support the idea that video games on their own can help children develop in an increasingly digital world," said Dr Andrew Przybylski from the Oxford Internet Institute, according to a news release.

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